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Launch day: Playstation 4

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User Info: nekrothing

4 years ago#11
PhaseSlaethe posted...
nekrothing posted...
PhaseSlaethe posted...
Where I am at every initial release - Wherever is best to laugh at the people who jump when companies say "Here boy!"

I wouldn't say consoles have come to that just yet. Apple products maybe, but not consoles.


In what way?

SDFan18 posted...
I'll probably wait a few months to see if any hardware problems arise on a large scale. Though my luck is pretty crappy, so while others may not have a problem, my console more than likely will. Outside of the PS1, both my original PS2 and PS3 had a laser failure.

I had the same luck with my launch PS2 and launch PS3, along with my launch Gamecube (lens and laser kept giving me problems). So this time around, I'll probably do the same and wait awhile.

User Info: nekrothing

4 years ago#12
I_am_Omnipotent posted...
If it allows me play used games day 1 purchase. If it blocks it I will have fun with my old console.

I'm sure the whole used game issue is nothing but a misunderstanding, to some extent. The used game industry is quite big, I can't imagine Microsoft or Sony wanting to alienate all of those people.

User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 years ago#13
I did go to the store to buy an Xbox on the day of release, though not waiting in line (it was the next day, reserved). Can't be bothered doing stuff like that again.

If what I see pleases me, I'll pre-order it and get it delivered to my door. Problem is, I'm just not that hyped for it because PC gaming has taken over for me and I've been playing a PS4 (metaphorically) since last year.
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User Info: djwagon

4 years ago#14
same as I did for the imported ps3 .early am del from ups had it the day after ncsx had thier shipment.will do the same with ps4 .but that all comes down to if it is full bc like the ps3 was at launch
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User Info: rockymin

4 years ago#15
It all depends on what games are available at launch. If there's nothing I want to play I'll wait. Though I would strongly consider picking up a PS4 at launch if it was at least BC with PS2 and PS1 games.
"you cant call it piracy if they wont sell it to you in the first place." -Fallenswords
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User Info: BigAl519

4 years ago#16
If it has full bc and doesnt block used games ill be picking up a pre-order.
A real gamer will buy any system and enjoy it, a tool will sit on a forum trying to bash one or the other!

User Info: WiiFan77

4 years ago#17

Playing a Vita or 3DS. Laughing at anyone who buys one of the next gen consoles so soon before seeing how their launches go.
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