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Fact: Buying used hurts gaming studios more then stealing via pirating!

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User Info: Irony

4 years ago#51
gamestop27 posted...
Dear Jackasses with a neon light sign pointed towards their asses inviting game publishers to do as they please,

When you buy new, from anywhere you're supporting that retailer not the developers, they've already been paid.

Not completely true, if a retailer orders 500k copies of something and only sells 10k odds are they won't want to purchase as many if any at all next time.
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User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#52
scythecam posted...
Golden Maven posted...
enigma2274 posted...
I may buy a game used, and if I like it Then I may buy the sequel or next game that dev makes new.

A potential sale? Here, take this game I just made without paying me! You might buy the sequel and actually compensate me that time!

This happens more than you may think.

Why do you think successful franchises typically increase sales with each release? Its mainly because people try an earlier game, maybe buy it used, become fans and buy new the next time.

Gta 4 sold like 12-15 million.

Gta 5 is going to demolish that, and why?

Because we know that more people played gta 4 than bought, and some of those people are going to buy 5.

Without used games, rentals, gta 5 would surely see some increase, but not nearly the one it will see because less people would have played 4 than actually did.

It happend to me I got dragon age used then because I liked it I got the GOTY version new and every other bioware game on PS3 all new and all with the DLC.
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User Info: _tanjil_

4 years ago#53
TC point lacks logic... First no one benefits from pirating except for the pirates and those ads you're forced to see unless you're using adblock.

Used games can somewhat be barely be beneficial if you are buying the game used from a retailer and not some random guy on Craigslist.

The devs and publishers make their money once they ship to Bestbuy, Amazon, gamestop, etc. The retailers make the money by selling to us. If a certain game sells out the retailers need to get more. But that's why they like used games, they have extra stock for a cheaper price. Anyways it's hardly beneficial by much, but if retailers see people like say games by Capcom, and are buying out hte games, inclusing hte used ones, they will be inclined to keep doing business to that company, and order games that they are making that might not have as much as hype as their more blockbuster hits...

It's a weak reason, but still more than what piracy is doing for devs...

That being said if you're only saving $10, and chances are the games needs some sort of an online pass, you may as well buy new, or wait for a price drop

User Info: Re_Animator

4 years ago#54
Many of you are missing the most important point.

I as a consumer should reserve the right to be able to resell something that I bought, for whatever reason I choose.

This whole "you only bought the license to play the game" is flat-out stupid. And only those that share the IQ of an onion would dare regurgitate such an absurd concept.

I buy the game. Not the IP, sure. I cannot copy that IP and sell for profit (or even freely give away (piracy). But I do have the legal right to resell the product that I bought.

Imagine if this would be applied to everything else you buy? Homes, cars, TV's, PC's, other various electrical devices, etc.

Imagine living in a world where what you bought you could never sell, it was tied to you and only you...permanently. Personally, this would further destroy the free market as we know it.

But back to used games specifically.

It isn't about Gamestop being greedy. It's their business. Their business model has existed for a LONG time and has not impacted the games industry in any negative way. In fact, businesses like Gamestop has only served to ADVANCE the games industry. Anyone who says otherwise has not done a single ounce of homework.

To now use the excuse to implement draconian measures on the market and mainly customers to justify the greed of a few suits at the top of publishers who, in turn, have absolutely no skill regarding internal development...let alone actually caring for the industry or its fans.

These suits are there for one thing bleed as much money as they can out of you, exploit devs in studios, all to supplement their avarice for more money.

To those who say the abolition of used games means developers get more money themselves....please. Stop being so naive...because that is what you are...naive. If you think for one second that more funds will actually go towards the enrichment of those who actually do the haven't been paying any attention to the real world.

For one...there are no guilds for developers like there are for actors. Developers get paid by contract, either short or long-term. Some may receive bonuses at the end of the year. Let's take Infinity War for example. As these guys are probably the highest paid developers in the industry due to the insane sales numbers for their COD franchise.

I assure you, while being paid well...they still are so far away from being paid the number they actually deserve for the vast profits they churn in for Activision. Why do you think the owners committed mutiny against Bobby Kotick? Why do you think They formed Respawn Entertainment, and under a new contract with EA, they will both control their IP's and receive the bulk of the profits? Because they had balls to do things the smart and just way. But that's just them.

The rest will continue to be screwed over by being tossed the crumbs and scraps from the table of their publishing masters. They do now...and if they abolish the used game market to make more profits...they will continue to feed devs the scraps.

The only way developers will ever receive the bulk of the earnings for their hard labor will be when publishers themselves become a thing of the past. To cut the nefarious and worthless middle man vulture out of the equation. Kickstarter projects w/ digital distribution is a great venue for that.

But digital distribution is part of the problem at the same least in it's current form.

The solution to that, Steam for instance, is that Valve needs to implement a free market structure within Steam. To allow both the mutual trading of games from one users to another...along with the ability for the owner of games on Steam to sell the games in their library to another user for Steam Points (virtual money purchased with real money). Basically creating a free market structure within the community. There's more to it, but just an idea I've had in mind.

User Info: JustPlainEvil

4 years ago#55
op is a terrible troll.
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User Info: Re_Animator

4 years ago#56
Mark my words...if console manufacturers eliminate the ability to play used games on their will be over in a flash.

In a way, I hope they do the inevitable crash of the industry as we know it now occurs.


Because this industry, and the way the business is run, is in serious need of a reboot for many, many reasons. For starters, there are a lot of people in this industry that shouldn't be anywhere near it. Yes, many of the suits.

The lack of creative nurturing is another issue that is widespread. This is why you see so many cookie cutter effects in so many games. Money, money, money says the man in the $200 tie!

Not to mention the horrid time tables publishers place developers in. Some of you cannot begin to fathom the stress and pressure developers are constantly under. How their personal lives with their partners/spouses/family are put under such strain and exhaustion.

Many even begin to question why they stay in game development. Their love and passion snuffed out due to these outrageous expectations. Many of which, who's salary doesn't even begin to justify their sacrifices.

See...these are the guys and gals who SHOULD be getting a lot more than they are. But they are not.

And any scheme these suits pull to make you think via their propaganda to accept it will make things worse. And the only ones that will profit from these schemes will be the authors of the schemes themselves.

OK, I think I'm done here...for now...

User Info: Garfield64

4 years ago#57
JustPlainEvil posted...
op is a terrible troll.

IF I was a troll, wouldn't I be a good one to get so many replies? Seriously I don't understand this logic.

So a "good troll" is someone who get little to no replies and get's there topic shut down immediately?

Then wouldn't I want to be a "terrible troll" or maybe you don't understand the difference?
Is a very well known Troll, please do not fall for their shenanigans!

User Info: NuuType

4 years ago#58
When the used market disappears so does console gaming.

It's really that simple; has nothing to do with how anyone feels.
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User Info: JohnHitman47

4 years ago#59
Pirating is worse fact.
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User Info: dragonleader33

4 years ago#60
This isn't a fact by any means.
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