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The best Yakuza game.

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User Info: ElectricMole

4 years ago#11
megaultrarice34 posted...
5 by far

It really is. Lots of diversity in RGG5. They managed to un-stale the staleness of RGG4.
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User Info: boxington

4 years ago#12
Varron posted...
Yakuza 2 hands down. Dat rivalry, dat plot, dat romance, dat ending.


I also liked the first Yakuza, too. I didn't care for Yakuzas three or four, though. They kinda soured me off of the series, and I'm not sure if I'll ever play another one

User Info: pots555

4 years ago#13
I am also looking forward to the fifth one.
Right now, just doing my first playthrough on the fourth one.

User Info: TheSpaniard88

4 years ago#14
Yakuza 3 by far. It just has everything. Yakuza 5 is my most anticipated game of 2013 (assuming it releases outside Japan this year)
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User Info: BilI_Rizer

4 years ago#15
Varron posted...
BilI_Rizer posted...
It's funny how I always read about Yakuza 2 having the best story and characters, yet it's the one game in the series I don't even remember.

It's also funny how Red Dead Redemption was critically acclaimed, yet I found the game boring.

Was that supposed to be some kind of witty retort as if I said I didn't like Yakuza 2? All I said was that I don't remember the game yet it's the one everyone likes the most.

If anything I was saying I want to play it again.
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