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Why people prefer Uncharted 2 over Uncharted 3?

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User Info: izza20

4 years ago#21
Uncharted 2 has a much more cohesive narrative, more consistent gameplay, more exciting scenes, and honestly, it looks better. I realise the advantage MLAA/FXAA can have for developers, but it some games good ol' hardware MSAA just looks better. Uncharted 2 looks so much smoother than Uncharted 3 it isn't funny.

User Info: IKnowGameFu

4 years ago#22
HomerSimpson89 posted...
U3 has better story graphics and controls
so stop rating games by nostalgia!

Graphics were worse because they made the game 3D compatible. Story had terrible villains and plot. Controls didn't seem that different to me. Actually they had to patch the controls just to make them as good as Uncharted 2. The game is also buggy. It's literally impossible to stealth certain sections in the game, even the parts where Nate tells you to be stealthy. The enemies must have developed some super sensitive hearing and eyesight.
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User Info: angry_cowtipper

4 years ago#23
HomerSimpson89 posted...
U3 has better story graphics and controls
so stop rating games by nostalgia!

I don't really see the better graphics, and it certainly does NOT have better controls. Uncharted 2 is just a better game.

1) U2 has a better melee system. Almost nonexistent in the first, they vamped it up just enough to make it viable, and the striking/countering worked fine. The third complicated it too much, made it way too long to kill anyone (if you try to use it on harder difficulties, you'll just be shot to death), and gave circle yet another function, making it roll, take cover, and now throw dudes when you're next to them.

2) U3 has much less personality. No ridiculous skins, no cheats, no smelling yak ass. Only a reused joke that takes advantage of a player's curiosity of jumping into a pool.

3) U3 is much more of a movie. Lots of running toward the camera, Uncharted 2 did this in one part. The rest of the cinematically awesome parts you actually played instead of holding up (or down, as it were).

4) There's less polish, you can see it in the little things. In Uncharted 2, if Drake says a bit of dialogue, then dies, he doesn't say it again and again each time you come back. In Uncharted 3 he does. Also, better graphics? Take a moment when you're on the roof of the hotel in Nepal in Uncharted 2 and look around. Now in Uncharted 3 in Turkey, look over the castle wall. It looks hideous in comparison.

I get some people may think it looks more vibrant due to use of bright reds vs cool blues, but it doesn't really have better graphics overall. Uncharted 3 should've been given another year.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

4 years ago#24
3 had a worse narrative and pacing, but i enjoyed its shooting and aesthetic more than 2's. it also had some of the best set-pieces in the series.

User Info: Shineboxer

4 years ago#25
Dude raider was just pew pew on both those on rails shooters.
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User Info: morphinapg

4 years ago#26
Honestly I just think it's because Uncharted 2 came first. I think the level of story telling is quite equal, it's just that they're so similar that people will prefer the first they play of the two. The people I've seen who have played UC3 first prefer it over UC2. However, the art style and animation system were definitely improved in UC3.
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