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Was Sixaxis ever actually good?

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User Info: Snipersnake111

4 years ago#41
I felt the Sixaxis worked alright for Folklore. Heavenly Sword was also decent with its implementations, of course I just turned it off for traditional controls though.
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User Info: MrFettuccine

4 years ago#42
The best use of Sixaxis technology in a game was Rag Doll Kung Fu for me. It is a little PSN fighting game made by some of the makers of LittleBigPlanet. It was the best use I've ever seen. It was used to do your "Chi" attacks. I've put hours of gameplay in the multiplayer. Its a shame it didn't have online.
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User Info: DarkSymbiote

4 years ago#43
SoaringDive posted...
It's just as bad as clicking the analogue stick. Who came up with that gimmick?

That's fine. We need something close to the sticks. We also need more buttons for future controllers.
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User Info: AzureVergil

4 years ago#44
Does any of the latest games even have a Sixaxis feature? What was the last game to use that?

User Info: DemonDog666

4 years ago#45
theatrical_cat posted...
I've only encountered 2 games so far that have actual Sixaxis segments in them (lay off me, I just got a PS3 last fall and I'm poor) and both times they were poorly implemented and effed up the gameplay.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune- grenades can only be used with Sixaxis controls. This makes them completely unusable to me. Drake has to stand out in the open and get shot while I'm carefully tilting my controller back to get the proper angle. It's crap and I died almost every time I tried to use a grenade. (Also the occasional walking across a log or whatever, but that only happened like 4 times in the entire game.)

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction- one major weapon and a whole lot of minigames and side stuff was Sixaxis based. Just awful. The Tornado Launcher was useless in battle; I shouldn't have to tilt to controller around while I'm also trying to dodge enemies shooting at me, and it's almost impossible to aim. Things like the Geo-Laser, the Decrypter and the Robo-Wings were a pain to have to go through (though as I understand it, the Decrypter and Robo-Wings could also be controlled by the analog stick. Nothing in the game ever indicates this, it just says so on the R&C wiki).

I remember Lair was supposed to be a super awesome dragon flying game based on Sixaxis, and I've heard both that it's not that bad and totally sucks. Given my experiences with Sixaxis, I'm inclined to believe that it sucked.

So have there been any actual objectively good uses of Sixaxis?

Lair didn't suck it just desperately need a good tutorial and the controls were insanely hard to get a handle on but once you actually did it was pretty great, and you had a ton of control since you could move the camera, move yourself and use the face buttons/triggers all at the same time, but getting to the point where you could do that was really hard but once you actually got there you start to see lair as a pretty great game aside from the technical issues.

User Info: wvnative03

4 years ago#46
AzureVergil posted...
Does any of the latest games even have a Sixaxis feature? What was the last game to use that?

Sly 4
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User Info: rahmed51387

4 years ago#47
I always got a chuckle shaking my controller to recharge my battery in No More Heroes.

But I've preferred motion controls in situations where it moves the orientation of the camera to benefit you over dedicated actions. My ideas would be as such:

For example, though shaking the controller in MGS4 resets your Octocamo (as listed), I'd have preferred if tilting it slightly to the side of a corner of a wall allowed you to look around it instead of having to physically move your character to the side via left stick to extend your view. That way, you can still look around the wall, and have all your face buttons free to take care of other options (items, reloading, weapons, etc.) instead of being forced to not have those options at your disposal while keeping an open view.

I'd keep things like pop-out shooting to actual buttons however, since you need more precise control of the camera in that kind of situation to aim unless the crosshairs move independently from the camera (think like shooting your gun in the Darksiders series or RE 4-6). In situations like those, I'd like to have the guns be associated with the sticks and the actual camera be associated with the motion controls.

The main problem with motion controls is that for most games that use the motion aspect of it, they often don't allow a sort of sensitivity control to how sharply/softly it can be used, which was kind of the entire point for Sony to push this as "one-to-one motion".
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User Info: StriderNemesis

4 years ago#48
theatrical_cat posted...
hotwheeler89 posted...
Dicer7 posted...
I thought the Sixaxis moments in Heavy Rain were kinda neat. Also shaking your controller in MGS4 reset Snake's Octocamo. Sure they could've mapped a button for that but I thought it was cool. Games could utilize it like that so it wouldn't have to be so gimmicky.

I think those are 2 good examples. Besides grenades in Uncharted you also have to shake the controller when the cursed spaniards jumped on your back.

Haven't played Heavy Rain, but I want to- hoping Sixaxis won't screw with me there. Haven't played MGS4 either, but the shaking as part of the gameplay is just what i don't want. If I have to physically shake the controller, it ruins the immersion for me- like the game just has to remind me that I'm playing a video game.

And in Uncharted- you mean the zombies? They can do that? I usually ran from them or shot them to death.

LOL. I finished MGS4 without even knowing that. I just found out in this topic.

User Info: Jon_God

4 years ago#49
Flower was amazing. Couldn't have been done nearly as effectively without the SIXAXIS.
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