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How I could see the PS4/Xbox 360

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User Info: Shibi69

4 years ago#1
If I were in charge of PS4/720 development this is how I would like to see things be developed:

1. Every game that has a retail copy also available for DD (already done on Vita, would end concern over low print runs)
2. All new games would be registered to the account that they are logged into when installed.
3. The same game could be played at a friends by logging into the owner's account on the friends system
4. All games released with a 1 hour digital free trial
5. All games available for rent digitally for a fee (which could be applied to the price of the digital version should the renter decide to purchase the title)
6. consumers could purchase an additional user license for a disc from the digital storefront for a set price ($5-10) thus allowing resale of games

This would allow publishers to have more revenue from 2nd hand sales, but allow consumers some options as well. Not a perfect system I admit, but I like it better than a straight ban.
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