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Today's poll ~Contra~ Possilbe contra for ps3 (4?)

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User Info: knightimex

4 years ago#1
The poll asked if you have ever completed contra with out the 30 men code.
I wondered to my self "I did didn't I?"

Before I made my vote I loaded the game up and gave it a go.
To my surprise I beat the game with my starting life.

Seriously happy about that.
Anyone else try to give it a go?

Do you think there will be a new contra for ps3 or even better for ps4?
Old School Games FTW!

User Info: hitokoriX

4 years ago#2
There is a contra for PS3. Its hard corps uprising and let me tell you that game has some balls
Would you follow a blind man?
I would if I was in the dark

User Info: jeneki

4 years ago#3
Should have an option for "Looped the game enough times to get 30 lives _without_ using the code."
Raizing. Psikyo. Toaplan.
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