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DmC is currently the best game of 2013

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User Info: Iamthekuzalol

4 years ago#21
A crappy game is currently the best game of 2013. Sounds legit.

User Info: Stealthlys

4 years ago#22

Handheld title exclusive>multi-plat game. Even metecritic, and gamerankings agree.

User Info: gilv3r

4 years ago#23
Dark_Spiret posted...
Ni No Kuni and Fire Emblem: Awakening have higher scores from nearly everywhere so there!
Awaiting: PoE OB, Metal Gear Rising, and Last of Us

User Info: TelekiNoctis

4 years ago#24
DmC is definitely the best hack & slash this year. GoW:A should be ok too.

User Info: LodeiroSnake

4 years ago#25
Just wait till MGR comes out.

User Info: DefYouth

4 years ago#26
DmC was good but God Of War will smoke it always does.
Well, if I'm going to hell, I'm going there playing the piano. - Jerry Lee Lewis
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  3. DmC is currently the best game of 2013

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