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Does MGS:Rising drop a steaming deuce on DmC?

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User Info: Brocken_Jr

4 years ago#11
You_Need_A_Life posted...
I'd rather buy and own every copy of DmC in existence than to receive cash for playing even the demo of Rising.

im sure youd turn down free money just by playin a demo
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User Info: Duwstai

4 years ago#12
Oh crap, I thought it said "DMC", not "DmC"

Yes it definitely blows away the new DmC. Not that the new DmC is bad, but MGR is great.

DMC1 is my favorite action game ever though.

So take 1 away from "they are different games etc", and add it to "hell yes"

User Info: gamestop27

4 years ago#13
In the gameplay department? Most definitely.
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User Info: ninja_poop

4 years ago#14
I haven't played the Rising demo, but by the looks of the combat, it looks ridiculous and too over the top.

Edit: also DmC's style was exactly to my liking.
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User Info: AwesomePS3gamer

4 years ago#15
No "Other - Castlevania: LoS is better than both" option? I'm dissapointed, son.

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

4 years ago#16
DmC felt like a good try, but ultimately failed to have the soul of the previous series. It didn't feel right. I bought it day one, and tried to enjoy myself, but I wasn't able to. Unlike everybody else, I was looking forward to it from the day it was announced (as I liked Heavenly Sword and Enslaved). Even I was disappointed, which made me feel the haters were more justified in their crusade than not.

MGR is a unique spin on a classic series, not a replacement, so it makes everyone happy. I would have been happier if Kojima hadn't listened to his failure of a team (who passed the game onto Platinum), we'd have had a Gray Fox game instead. I can't think of a rational individual who prefers Raiden over Gray Fox.
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User Info: boxington

4 years ago#17
from the demo, I wasn't too impressed with what I'd played of MGR. the ability to cut pretty much anything into small pieces is cool, though.

on the other hand, I really enjoyed DmC.

so for now, I'll say - no.
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