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Planning to buy a new PS3 (questions)

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User Info: TheHAR

4 years ago#1
Recently I had constant problems with my FAT PS3 so I am planning to buy a new one but I still haven't decided on the model that I'll get.

Is the Slim better than the SuperSlim or the opposite ?

Does the Slim has the problems that the FAT model has like the red light blinking & the YLOD problems ? Because I had those problem with the FAT model for no reason.

User Info: SDFan18

4 years ago#2
They are the same, I just like the look of the original slim better but you can go with what you prefer. Hardware failure is still possible with either model but it's far less likely to happen with these models compared to the original.
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  3. Planning to buy a new PS3 (questions)

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