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What was your first PS3 game that you bought?

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User Info: vind3d

4 years ago#11
Batman, Arkham Asylum.
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User Info: bigdeez

4 years ago#12
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
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RDR - Dead Space 3 - MGS 4 - Fallout 3 - Bioshock

User Info: Zack_Attackv1

4 years ago#13
Tricky question for me as I bought both GTA IV and MGS4.

If we go by which I played first, then MGS4.
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User Info: Scarecrow1711

4 years ago#14
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User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#15
The one that came with it? lol nah.
The first one I bought was MW3. I received many other games before that.
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User Info: HIroChu

4 years ago#16
infamous 1

User Info: TheMcKnightMare

4 years ago#17
Bought Assassin's Creed and CoD4: Modern Warfare before I even purchased my 80 gb... Which at the time cost 399 bucks
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User Info: Lefty128k

4 years ago#18
I bought Tony Hawk Project 8 and The Darkness at the same time.

The first exclusive was Warhawk.

User Info: MV6000

4 years ago#19
Not including Mortorstorm which came boxed with my PS3. I bought two games at once...

.....Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire and Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.

Yeah I buy anything Gundam even if it isn't all that good.
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User Info: Thamauturge

4 years ago#20

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