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What was your first PS3 game that you bought?

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User Info: Ajescent

4 years ago#21
fallout 3
Valkyria Chronicles
Mirror's Edge
MotorStorm Pacific Rift
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User Info: ph121

4 years ago#22
arkham city, battlefield 3, and sorcery all came with my ps3 when i bought it new, so i guess they count as my first games purchased?
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User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

4 years ago#23
Heavenly Sword.
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User Info: Thor61

4 years ago#24
Call of Duty 4

User Info: denniedarko

4 years ago#25
bigdeez posted...
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
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User Info: AncestralZero

4 years ago#26
Burnout Paradise 5 years ago. 1500 hours played.
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User Info: _EggplantWizard

4 years ago#27
Fallout: New Vegas.
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User Info: kel25

4 years ago#28
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Resistance Fall of Man. I bought both games when I got a 60 gig ps3.

User Info: OfficerTJHooka

4 years ago#29
COD4 i think...
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User Info: Sebbo91

4 years ago#30
AncestralZero posted...
Burnout Paradise 5 years ago. 1500 hours played.

Same here, and heveanly sword.

But I thought my 900hours were much :0
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