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What are your thoughts now that gaming has become mainstream this gen?

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User Info: DakhanavarX

4 years ago#11
archizzy posted...
I somewhat disagree about gaming being "dumbed down" when looking at the larger context.

I have been gaming regularly since 1980. Do I think games are easier now then before? Yes, but for valid reasons.

Coming from the arcade era games were designed to eat your quarters. A big chunk of my first home console games were arcade ports.

You also have to look at games back then and their extreme limitations. Basically 2D sidescrollers/platformers where *if* you had the game mastered you really knew how incredibly short games were.

For all the complaints about "short" modern games most games I play offer far more content and average a good chunk of time longer to complete.

Then looking at how much better controls have gotten. Being able to move the camera around, having fluid and free aim, the ability to complete objectives in a number of ways.

Going back to the 2D days of fixed cameras often giving you a poor view, respawning enemies right on the side of the screen, being attacked from off screen, only being able to shoot straight with no way of diagonal attacking so enemies can attack you and you have no way to attack them, on and on and on. It all ties into the "eat your quarters" mentality of artificially lengthening a game.

I find very little challenge in modern games but for understandable reasons.

This, pretty much word for word. I've been gaming since '89 or so, but definately this. So much of the old difficulty was to artificially extend games that were actually quite short or due to technical limitations.

Besides, most people that talk about old difficulty fondly have probably been playing games to some extent for 20 years or more. I think experience factors in there as well. I've seen non-gamers or younger gamers pick up a controller and try to play a modern game that I find to be fairly easy. I assure you, they generally don't. They can have a hard enough of a time just moving around in a 3d space in a shooter, for example, things that we take for granted and don't even think about.

Older games may have required more precision when it came to platforming or something, but you (Just as a general example) often only had to worry about going from left to right and maybe a few enemies on the screen at once. Hand me the original Ninja Gaiden 20 years ago, and then hand that same version of me...say, COD2 on Hardened (Not even Veteran). I will then show you a kid that beats Ninja Gaiden much sooner than COD2.

I'm not saying new games aren't generally easier to an extent (For understandable reasons, like archizzy said), I'm just saying that I feel experience isn't considered enough when these types of conversations come up.
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User Info: ded5833

4 years ago#12
I'm worried about my favorite game series being ruined by making it for the lowest common denominator. Streamlining UI and features is fine, it makes it more simple while keeping the depth it had previously, but simplifying features, map layout and the sort leave a bad taste in my mouth.

To give you a better idea, I loved BF2 on the PC back in the day, and I love BF2 Modern Combat on the Xbox. BF2 was hard to get into, definitely, button layout was sort of odd, classes were too specific and map layout was large and functional which I find is BF2's greatest strength, it's map layout. BF2MC streamlined the UI and class system but still keeping in line with the map layout and it was great for that.

Bad Company 1 took what Modern Combat had and added destructibility. Fantastic, I enjoyed it. I didn't like that people were bullet sponges but I got over it, and I loved Rush, and the Conquest maps feel in line with BF2/MC.

Bad Company 2 tweaked damage values and started changing map layouts to be smaller encounters and conquest maps into lines of bases (so instead of going from flag A to B/C/D it went to A to ONLY B). Everything else felt fine but the conquest map layout definitely left a lot to be desired, for the maps that used it properly, it's fine.

BF3 changed map layouts more, made them smaller, more A to B line base conquest maps and tried to do so much that it sort of fails what Battlefield was initially set out to do. Combined with vehicle unlocks that don't feel fair and some maps being way, way too small and cluttered, it sort of ends up being an unfocused game that doesn't excel at what it wants to.

All this talk about Dark Souls 2 and stuff definitely has me intensely worried as Dark Souls is my favorite game of all time. Dark Souls wasn't perfect in any respect but it's world, atmosphere and lore made the game much more special to me. Subtlety is key for me and Dark Souls has it in spades. The interview with the director saying he doesn't like being subtle makes my stomach churn. Because I don't enjoy Elder Scrolls games that much because it's all spelled out for me with awful dialogue, and Bioware type RPGs don't satisfy me much with it's exposition in explaining everything.

There's going to be gems here and there but I'm worried about the games I treasure most because you never know if there's going to be another in the future.
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User Info: SuddenEmotion

4 years ago#13
lol at dragons dogma being hard.
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User Info: Juvart24

4 years ago#14
zyrax2301 posted...
Nicodimus posted...
-I really like waffles.
-I like pizza even more.
-I need to get this brain switched into a body that isn't failing for no apparent reason.
-I like green a lot lately. Not pea soup green of course, but emerald green is hot.

You could get your brain put in a PS3

That would be so cool

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Human brain estimates - 100 petaflops

Being in a PS3 would be so damn slow.....
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User Info: Chocobo115

4 years ago#15
I don't like the choking of jRPGs this gen.
If there just had been more decent jRPGs this gen I'd be perfectly fine with this gen.

User Info: TheTenth10

4 years ago#16
portable phone videogames, flash games, Wii games are NOT gaming, they're a distraction of a few minutes, and most based on an excessively repetitive gameplay
We can be anxious about the future : game developers will use this to do easily games produced at low cost as they know millions will buy it and they'll earn perhaps more than "modern" games
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