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For people who dont trade in their games, Why do you not trade them in?

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User Info: este914

4 years ago#21
vr6exyvr6exy posted...

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User Info: djruden

4 years ago#22
Only time I ever did a trade-in deal was back in the NES day and I remember the prices I got for those games and ave since regretting it.

The payback is just not worth it when I do go back and play old games. I know have a fiar collection that dates back to my NES playing days.

I don't exactly need the money and I play almost all my games at the very least to completion of the story. If the gameplay is good then I often keep playing to get extra trophies or whatever the game offers for post game.

User Info: canton kid

canton kid
4 years ago#23
i never used to sell my games, then i ended up with like 700+ and was like "ill never play half again"
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User Info: LionheartCJ

4 years ago#24
I used to do it during the PS2 era, but i learnt that you get ripped off/nowhere near enough money, so i just keep them now.

I actually want a semi decent collection of games this gen, PS1 and PS2 were modded so i only had copies of most games - The Legend Of Don Piano

User Info: KadiroKapira

4 years ago#25
Two reasons...

First, I like collecting games and often enough, I go back and play through older games.

Second, I lend/swap games with friends and family all the time.
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User Info: Merc123

4 years ago#26
I used to trade games in but the trade in credit is crap, especially at gamestop. I got tired of having to trade in 5 or 6 games just to be able to afford a new game, or two newer games to afford a new game. Also the fact that they act like 35 trade in credit 3 days after a game comes out is a good deal is beyond me.

I also like having them around, if i get the urge to play them again.

User Info: bigdeez

4 years ago#27
1. I'm a collector. you know like the movie the collector.
2. I don't want trophy's for games i don't own, its a pet peeve
3. DLC that releases later on
4. I will trade it in if the game is really really bad. *cough Aliens vs Predator 2010*
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User Info: silenthill4vid

4 years ago#28
i collect and in know i'll end up wanting to play them or obsess over them if i did surrender them.
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User Info: gambit444

4 years ago#29
I would rather not gain the $1 they would give me in the off chance-chance that i might wanna play it again. It's like gaming insurance.
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User Info: spectral

4 years ago#30
First I dont anymore because I did in the PSone days and got rid of a lot of games I wish i hadn't. But at the time I was young, money was limited and it was my only way to get some of the newer games I wanted. Even if that wasn't an issue though I still wouldn't now. The price of games in actual stores is massively inflated compared to getting it online from Amazon,etc. Usually if I wait a month or so after launch most games are cheaper than they would be in store even with the trade in value of a couple of games put towards the cost.
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