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Recommend gaemz?

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User Info: amyfailz

4 years ago#1
I'm uh... new to the board and all, and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post something like this. Correct me if it's the wrong area and I'll post elsewhere.

Anyways, I'm new to the whole PS3 thing. I've been gaming for years, just new to having a PS3 and all. If anyone could recommend me any decent games, that'd be awesome. ^^ So far, I've played:

(I'll rate them on a scale of 1 to 10)

Darksiders - 8
Darksiders II - 8.5
Mass Effect 2 - 9
Infamous - 6
Infamous 2 - 8
Resident Evil 5 - 6
Dead Island - 7
Disgaea 4 - 9
Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce - 5
Dante's Inferno - 7
Sacred 2 - 4

Just a general idea. I'm a strategy/RPG gamer, so I really like those. Specifically games like Disgaea 4. Though, it seems to me that most of PS3 games are... shooters. Is this actually true? I've never been a FPS (or third-person shooter) fan at all, but I've played them (as you can see) due to the storyline. Seems like there'd be more variety or something.

As far as the types of games I like: strategy/RPG, dungeon crawlers, fantasy, stuff like that. Nothing too realistic or anything like that, if possible.

Thanks ^^

User Info: DarkSymbiote

4 years ago#2
Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Know that the PS3 version had lighting issues.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

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User Info: Evil_Gogeta

4 years ago#3
Disgaea D2 out next month, I believe! Could be a good import, or just wait a couple of months for the US/EU release!
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User Info: amyfailz

4 years ago#4
Bumpity~ :o

User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#5

You need Valkyria Chronicles, it's AMAZING.

Unless you don't very long, very plentiful anime-esque cut scenes, in which case you should stay far away.
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User Info: NGd72

4 years ago#6
Far Cry 3

amazing game

User Info: plasticman13

4 years ago#7
Since you've played Mass Effect 2 and enjoyed it, it would be logical to buy Mass Effect 3. Also, buy Valkyria Chronicles since you're a strategy/RPG gamer.
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