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PS+ Fail!?

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User Info: Ambies_Boy

4 years ago#1
So I just went into the shop and checked the plus section. I see that there's a couple games that are free. Closure, and Alien Breed. Closure downloads, no problem. Alien Breed's page shows this.

The spot on the page that shows the regular price shows Free with a line through it, indicating that the price has been slashed. Next to it is the plus symbol with a yellow "Free" beside it. So they discounted a free game to the price of free, which seems idiotic to begin with. I ignore this fact and proceed to download. The store ask for my password. Okay this never happens for free items but whatever. I enter password. I then receive the message "There is not enough funds in the wallet."

I backed out of the page and on the plus screen the game still shows free, when I click on it and go back to the games page, instead of displaying as free it now say's "$7.99"

This is the ps3 version by the way.
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User Info: soccerd19

4 years ago#2
closure is free, the other game is just on sell for ps plus users.

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