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Condition of used PS3(60gb version)

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User Info: soakr

4 years ago#1

I've recently purchased an used backwardscompatible PS3 60gb and I'd like to test the condition of the machine for myself. I've been assured by the seller that the machine is in very good condition and that it has never suffered from any of the known issues with the model, neither blue-ray problems nor YLOD. Still, I want to know this for sure (well, at least as sure as one can be!).

So how to I go about testing the machine? Do I stress it by running games on it for a long sitting or/and is there a way to check if someone has ever tampered with the machine, by opening it up and viewing components for example?

I'm very happy too hear any suggestions or thoughts on the matter.

User Info: DarkSymbiote

4 years ago#2
Well, play games on it for at least an hour. Play PS2 games and save as well. Make sure the buttons and lights are working and whatnot.
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User Info: Gensokyo

4 years ago#3
There should be a special sticker on the side that voids the warranty when removed. If it's still there, whithout any signs of being removed, you'll know the PS3 has never been tampered with.

User Info: soakr

4 years ago#4
Thanks for the reply!

I've viewed videos and read threads that the seal can be "removed" without tearing it (by applying heat), so that offers little security for me I'm afraid.

User Info: Raymond

4 years ago#5
Don't you think it's better to ask this question before you buy it? You've already bought it. What matter does it make at this point?
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User Info: soakr

4 years ago#6
I have asked, but the difficult part is to tell if the seller is honest or not. It would not be the first time someone has tried to struck a dishonest deal!

Also I have bought it via a service that allows me to return the console if I am not happy with it (for any reason) within a few days with a full refund, so this gives me time to test if the machine is fully functional.
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