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I need a new game (preferably an FPS) to WOW me.

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User Info: RufioMustDie

4 years ago#21
You like FPS, Laser Beams, Sci-Fi huh...

...Check out Vanquish oh and also Binary Domain
"Rufio will die by my own hand!"

User Info: Troutfisch

4 years ago#22
Aliens: Colonial Marines

For all the wrong reasons...but it will "WOW" you!
PSN: Troutfisch

User Info: Awesome_Touhou

4 years ago#23
PORTAL !!!!!
Earthbound + touhou = awesome !

User Info: Newbius

4 years ago#24
Borderlands 2. It blows the first game out of the water.

User Info: wigsplasher

4 years ago#25
Resistance 3. It pulls off the survivor atmosphere.
"You don't have a wife, that's a voice in your head." - mogar002

User Info: ElBorak77

4 years ago#26
bioshock infinite.
PSN El_Borak_77

User Info: imsalingaway

4 years ago#27
I also second Bioshock Infinite. You can get a better sniper rifle or shotgun if you preorder, depending on where you reserve it. Besides that, I've been enjoying Darksiders way more than I thought I would, if you want a suggestion for a good and cheap game to tide you over till it comes out. (I saw it for $8 at Gamestop)

User Info: BloodyBooger

4 years ago#28
planetside 2, the scale of the battle should wow you.
"Purple is a fruit" -Homer Simpson

User Info: Ottopilot666

4 years ago#29
Ide recommend Singularity, it is alot like Bioshock and its only 9 dollars at Gamestop
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  3. I need a new game (preferably an FPS) to WOW me.

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