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For Valentine's Day, what is the worst love story in a video game?

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User Info: HOTJaVaLaVa

4 years ago#1
Since there is such a good topic about this going on - I highly encourage anyone to post on it if they have not yet - how about if we go the opposite route? What are some of the worst love stories you have seen attempted in a game, whether it was done poorly, was forced, contrived, etc?
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User Info: DarkSymbiote

4 years ago#2
- Monkey Island love. I haven't played them though.

- Any game where you love machines.
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User Info: art_of_the_kill

4 years ago#3
Ezio and Sofia from AC Revelations. That was so forced it was ridiculous.
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User Info: Doukou

4 years ago#4
AC: 3

Connor and Charles Lee just felt like they didn't love each other at times.
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 years ago#5
Not sure about forced, but it was definitely annoying enough to make me dislike the game - Raiden and Rose in Metal Gear Solid 2. Every time the codec rang it sent a shiver down my spine.

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User Info: MalifacentX

4 years ago#6

(Devil May Cry 4)
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User Info: theotherpromise

4 years ago#7
One of my least favorite love stories would be Grandia 3. I felt like Alfina and Yuki's relationship almost single-handedly ruined the game.

User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#8
Radiant Historia stands out to me, because I've seen it proposed as one of the candidates for best love story and it's absurdly not.

The romance aspect of this game pops up only in a single, missable sidequest, where a character who has given no hint of having any affection towards another character throughout the game suddenly confesses her love to him. You have the choice of either rejecting these affections (which leads to an immediate bad ending), or accepting them, which gives you an item but does not otherwise alter the plot of the game or ending in any substantial way.

It's basically the epitome of a "oh hey we love each other" romance that has no build up. Though there's loads of other games that are equally guilty of this. - Watch me beat "GBA Summon Night Swordcraft Story" - My backloggery

User Info: silly_sausage

4 years ago#9
In my opinion, 3D Platformers always have the absolute worst romances ever. There's never any chemistry, and it often feels like they're doing it for the sake of doing it:

- Jak and Ashelin (Though I guess Jak and Keira was okay)
- Spyro and Elora
- Hunter and Bianca
- Sly and Carmelita

Going back and playing Crash, or the original Spyro, or Ratchet and Clank, it's almost like a breath of fresh air to see them just leave that **** out. Although I fear R&C will eventually have a sappy "meets one other Lombax... and it's a she!" plot.
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User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#10
silly_sausage posted...
- Spyro and Elora

I actually liked Elora. Though that's probably because I thought she was hot more than that she and Spyro had particularly great chemistry. She's way better than Cinder though. - Watch me beat "GBA Summon Night Swordcraft Story" - My backloggery
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