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Anyone else enjoy old games more than new ones?

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User Info: djprofessork1

4 years ago#1
i bought Castlevania Symphony of the Night a couple days ago on PSN, and was completely glued to it from start to finish, game was amazing. yet new games like Skyrim and Uncharted can barely keep my attention. I played skyrim maybe 15-20 hours and it felt like a chore. I just beat SOTN yesterday and i still want more.

also a friend recommended me Final fantasy 3, i'm playing it now on an emulator, maybe about 4 hours in and already it's more fun than any game Ive played in the past couple years

also Ive been playing Ninja Gaiden and Megaman games on NES emulators a lot... damn they are fun as hell, super fast intense action... but insanely hard lol.

am i weird or anyone else the same?
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User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#2
Not really, good old games are still good but I don't prefer new or old specifically. I mainly play new games because I enjoy new experiences.
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User Info: emo_angel11

4 years ago#3
enjoy new and old games
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User Info: nouseravailable

4 years ago#4
I have more fun with old games but i never tried a new old game that i absolutely loved. A few games kept me "glued" this gen: The World Ends with You, 999, Radiant Historia and Dragon Age Origins. Except for 999, they didnt had the same impact of Chrono Cross, ff3 etc but that is probably because im older, I mean, i have two uni courses in my back (including philosophy) wich means ive played more stuff, read more stuff and watched more movies. Not to mention, im tired as hell from work and post graduation, my mood for gaming is barely the same.
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User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
4 years ago#5
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User Info: Jon_God

4 years ago#6
Depends on the game, I'd say.

Stuff like the old FFs, and 3D platformers are al but dead, which makes them hard to compare to new ones, (Though, I'd argue Sly 4 is just as good as the old ones)

As for other genres, the 2D genre is hit or miss, Rayman Origins is almost on par with Super Mario World for me, but a lot of the 2D games are kinda short small indie games, which usually have kind of a 'animated short' kind of feel to them, where there's nothing wrong with that, I feel most don't compare to some of the 2D platformers of years past.

Shooters are a lot better in many respects than they used to be (with a few exceptions, level design, recharging health, 2 weapon system, millitary shooter craze)

Again we are mostly seeing different genres so it's hard to direct compare to older games.
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User Info: JoveHack

4 years ago#7
Definitely prefer older games.
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