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can't start ps3 :(

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User Info: Coollllzzz

4 years ago#1
what happened? When i wanted to start my ps3 it just beep for few times and the light changed from yellow to blinking red. I couldnt start my ps3 :( please help, thanks

User Info: Sophistication

4 years ago#2
You're beat... That's what happened.
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User Info: Coollllzzz

4 years ago#3
what should i do? :(

User Info: Jamez

4 years ago#4
Throw it in the trash.
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User Info: Coollllzzz

4 years ago#5
that's the only way?

User Info: ZEXE

4 years ago#6
you got the Yellow Light of Death if you still got your warranty you can send it in to get fixed or try to find someone local to fix it if you can't do either of those you gotta buy a new one
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User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#7
Sony will fix it for $150 plus shipping. Or you can buy another.
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