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I like how when Ni no Kuni came out, it was being praised so much..

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User Info: Phophenomenon

4 years ago#41
Romangelo posted...
FF haters always praise every jRPG nowadays. when a new RPG game comes out they'll use it as a weapon to bash Final Fantasy.

so don't trust their hyping or you'll end up with an overhyped mediocre game like this one.

I've heard all of these bullcrap for years, like "Kingdom of Amalur is going to kill XIII-2 when it release!!" said the haters. they're so immature and they don't know how to enjoy their games. they need to create their dreamworld, lie to each others about how good the new RPG is, and bash FF twelve hours a day.

Yup. Well it's an okay JRPG. It was just overblown you know? "Could this be a decent JRPG?.." basically saying that FFXIII, FFXIII-2, Tales, etc sucked. Well damn, they are sure superior to NNK. Just saying. Ni no Kuni is like the atelier series. Crap and generic.
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User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#42
while I wont say the game is terrible, I will say the combat isnt doing much for me, and I seem to be missing all the "humor" a lot of people seem to find in the game as well.

User Info: Jiek_Fafn

4 years ago#43
MGS4 was criticized for similar writing problems. It bashed you over the head with things by continually repeating information. FF13 was criticized for not opening up the gameplay until a long while into the story. NNK suffers from the same issue as the first 15ish hours are incredibly restrictive.

I agree with the too much reading as well. I like to read, but none of the npcs besides Horace have anything remotely interesting to say and the dialogue is needlessly long. They often use several chat boxes worth of text to say the equivalent of "It's nice weather we've got today."

Oliver is one of the most bland characters that I've ever seen. His personality is almost completely defined by having good manners. He hardly even seems to give a **** about anything happening in the game. Instead he just seems to do things because people ask him. You would think that the pure hearted one would care a little bit more about friendship, strength of heart, or any other number of jrpg tropes. Instead, it's "ollie, you need to save this world and it might save your mom too--ok Mr. Drippy."

This doesn't even go into the issues with the battle system, but those are fairly minor gripes. It does the job for the most part.

This is a game that I platinumed simply because I was starved for a halfway decent jrpg. I got one, but to be honest I had more fun with atelier totori which has similar themes.
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User Info: Winternova

4 years ago#44
Talking about a great JRPG is like talking about an anti-semitic rabbi.
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

4 years ago#45
With atrocious grammar like that, I'm glad you're being forced to read.
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User Info: thisranks

4 years ago#46
abnergoinbig posted...
Well, their goal was to create a classic style JRPG, and they succeeded. All classic JRPG's have ridiculous amounts of dialogue. I still love the game. I do wish the senimental parts had voices though.

I'd prefer the development team say this rather than the regionally challenged assume it for them. That way it's actually authentic.
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User Info: moogle69

4 years ago#47
stopped after 10 hours of playing, really boring game and its coming out of a huge JRPG fan.
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User Info: rumbalumba

4 years ago#48
i'd rather read than listen. Disgaea has voiced dialogue but I just read them then skip. Imagine NNK having voiced dialogues. You and I and everyone else knows no one is going to sit there to listen through 4,000 pages worth of dialogue for a 40-hour playthrough.

User Info: TheBonfini

4 years ago#49
Sorry to hear you're not enjoying it.

I'm 10 hours in and nearly about to proclaim the best game I've played. Exploring is fun and grinding doesn't seem like it'll be a chore should I choose to do so. I've wandered off the beaten path and got my ass handed to me. I like that. I like the little white trail so I know where I've come from. The game breathes with life.

So far my only complaint is Mr. Drippy telling me exactly what spells to cast or whatever. I could figure out what to do just based on their problems so let me just figure it out. I've also noticed they give you too much direction. I should have to actually explore a bit and make my own markers on the map of where I have to go or what I need to do. The flashing blue and green dots just makes it a B line to your next goal. I'd have prefered just relying on clues initially with the option for easy mode with all that extra help. The game seems like it will offer some real challenges though as far as battles are concerned.

The Wizards Companion is awesome with all the clues you need for secrets and the Stone thingy that tracks progress is really good for completionists like myself. I already see many hours wasted trying to find the 100 hidden treasures.

Anyways, I just can't knock a jrpg for too much reading. That's absurd. As someone already mentioned, don't play Xenogears.. Your head will asplode!
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User Info: jubrany

4 years ago#50
If I was one of these hotshot JRPG directors in Japan, my focus would be on convergence with the PS4. Find a way to tell the story without disrupting the gameplay. That would be awesome. For example, allow the player to still be able to fully play the game at all times, even during dialogue. This would require thinking outside of the box to accomplish, but the first team to accomplish this will likely set the new bar for modern RPGs.
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