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What do ya think of the leaked PS4 controller?

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User Info: VanderZoo

4 years ago#31
Lsnake posted...
I like it. Okay, it's not very pretty, but this is just a prototype (If it's real). I like that the Dualshock design is still there. I like that the symmetry is intact. It looks quite fat though, but that picture might be a bit misleading.

For me, control is of uttermost importance. A controller like this, and I'm gonna preorder the PS4 as soon as it's announced. A tablet controller and I'm not sure I'll bother. Feeling is everything for me, and the Dualshock feels fantastic in my hands.

Ahh, I'm tired of this false symmetry argument. Unless you're playing a FPS, then there is no symmetry.

User Info: supermoc10

4 years ago#32
I like it a lot. It seems bigger, the D-Pad is bigger and Vita-style and I prefer the new sticks to the current one. I also heard that the triggers will be changed to be more like the PS Move's triggers which is great news.
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User Info: kingofjamaica

4 years ago#33
I don't like the speaker, or the touch pad. That said, by far the worst part of the controller is the Move light. If that is a requirement, and is always lit up, I will seriously consider not buying the system.
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User Info: Eoin

4 years ago#34
New image:

User Info: CloakedNub

4 years ago#35
Eoin posted...
New image:

I dig it. Glad they got rid of those atrocious sticks on the DS3.

User Info: Xenobow

4 years ago#36

User Info: ab2c4

4 years ago#37
I guess if they feel that they absolutely had to change it, it looks pretty decent.

User Info: ThePatrick

4 years ago#38
It looks fine to me but if they are trying to match the WiiU, looks like they messed up.

Just as the SIXAXIS motion was not a substitute for Wii motion controls, this tiny touchscreen is simply not the same as a tablet display.

I dunno if either gimmick was ever necessary in the first place, mind you.
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User Info: Kenaue

4 years ago#39
I like everything about it...except that stupid ass pad in the middle of it. Utterly useless.
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User Info: Kenaue

4 years ago#40
The Nintendo Master posted...
Just keep in mind folks,

I kinda liked that controller...would have loved it they released it as like a Limited Edition type thing.
PSN: Lord_CBH / Live: LordCBH
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