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I am a massive Zelda fan, which game is better for a Zelda feel?

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  3. I am a massive Zelda fan, which game is better for a Zelda feel?

User Info: imsalingaway

4 years ago#21
Okami HD is certainly more Zeldaesque, but Darksiders has a very nice LoZ progression to it. I got it free with PS+, and was pleasantly surprised by how well put together the whole thing was.

User Info: Devilman_Amon

4 years ago#22
Dragon's Dogma

User Info: antoinejones

4 years ago#23
My first time and day in Jeuno and the first 6 hours of it is spent staring at a chocobo's butt.

User Info: docholliday504

4 years ago#24
arczero_x posted...
Fulvip posted...
Okami is better at being a Zelda game than any Zelda game.

^ This. I came here to post exactly that!

I wouldn't go that far. Wind Waker, Skyward Sword and A Link to The Past are pretty good at being Zelda games. That said, Okami is one of the best games ever made period.
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User Info: awesomephatman

4 years ago#25
What do ya'll think about Darksiders II?
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User Info: NicoGrimm

4 years ago#26

Okami does a much better job of like Zelda, and often even upstages it.
Darksiders takes notes from a LOT of games. Including Zelda. It's fun.

Also, 3D Dot Game Heroes.

edit: DarkSiders 2 is great. It's less Zelda, and more DMC. But, it's fun.
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User Info: ScarletSpidey1

4 years ago#27
Okami HD for the 3D Zelda gaming
3D Dot Game Hero for that traditional (Top-down view) Zelda gaming
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User Info: ItalianIdiot

4 years ago#28
Okami for 3D Zelda

Darksiders is a more tame 3D Zelda.

3D Dot Game hero for 2D Zelda feel.

User Info: RyuNinjaDog

4 years ago#29
Neither. Get 3D Dot Heroes if you want a classic Zelda feel.

User Info: KaspaUFgator

4 years ago#30
MyPhantomile posted...
I actually got quite a few vibes of Zelda when I was playing Darksiders.

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  3. I am a massive Zelda fan, which game is better for a Zelda feel?

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