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Will you get a PS4 or 720.... soon?

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User Info: Jx1010

4 years ago#1
Yes or No....
Why or Why not....

I will not...

1 - I will keep my PS3 for a while
I have yet alot of games I want to play on the PS3 and havent had a chance yet.

2 - I am happy with the current Sony console and really have no need to go next gen yet

3 - 720 is not a choice, I do not support microsoft console in any way,
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User Info: KonkeyDonk435

4 years ago#2
ps4 , what else ?
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User Info: Soul_On_Display

4 years ago#3
I will buy both. I've played almost all the bigger titles out there. I want something that isn't as bland as the other games. Perhaps a change of console will help make games feel fresh again.
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User Info: darkstar4221

4 years ago#4
If it's backwards compatible with the PS3, doesn't block used games, or doesn't have any anti-consumer restrictions on the system (ie no drm), I'll buy it ASAP even if it's $500, although $500 would by limit.

User Info: ThePuddingMan

4 years ago#5
I'll buy both.
Why? Because this gen has been showing its age for several years now and I'm VERY ready for PS4 and 720. The sooner the better. I'm sure I'll buy more than one of each.

User Info: DarkSymbiote

4 years ago#6
No, I will take my time. More games need to impress me and I'll see how companies would rip us off even more first.
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User Info: Ke7hpl

4 years ago#7
I'm gonna say not for a while. I just switched from Xbox to PS3 a few months back. Very glad I switched.
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User Info: dolabla

4 years ago#8
PS4 I will get day 1.

Don't know if I'll get a 720. Microsoft is gonna have to show me some new exclusive games and not the same old Halo, Gears etc., otherwise there's no point in me buying one. They're severely lacking in that department.

User Info: Acquire

4 years ago#9
Current plan is to get a PS4 at launch. I'll get the next xbox when the first Forza game comes out on it.
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User Info: Myaul

4 years ago#10
I think I'm just about to get a PS3 so I'll probably wait for a PS4 slim before I get one of those :P
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