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Is Final Fantasy VII worth $5.00?

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User Info: Bissomoneybags

4 years ago#1
The game is on sale on PSN, and I'm hesitant on whether I should buy it. Played IX, and LOVED the game, VIII I never finished as I found the draw system tedious, and from X-XIII-2, I didn't mind for the most part (X being my favorite). So is it worth the $5.00 price tag? The game always receives extremely controversial reviews, and I would like just an honest opinion of the game. Thanks gamefaqs.

User Info: zinformant

4 years ago#2
I played IX and liked it, too, and played as much of VII as I could stand last summer. For $5, it's a steal, but it drags at some point in disc 2. That's after 20hrs, though, so you should get your money's worth out of it, certainly.
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User Info: badboy

4 years ago#3

User Info: DougyB

4 years ago#4
It was my first FF game and my favorite, followed by 9.

It is a very polarizing game. I don't see why some people say it's overrated because I love it so much, but hey, everybody is into their own thing. Maybe they just get sick of hearing about it.

But for $5? Yeah it's at least worth the risk. Either way you are only out 5 bucks.

User Info: Kaleliskalel

4 years ago#5
When ps3 launched it was banned from export because the processor was so powerful. Tell me again about how powerful you gaming pc is.

User Info: pillowpants41

4 years ago#6
Ff7 is overrated but don't get me wrong it is a classic. I dont think it aged well but for $5 I recommend it if you havnt played it yet.
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User Info: RoxasANobody

4 years ago#7
I bought FF VII and FF VIII during the sale. It's only ten dollars in total. If you like it, then you'll have a 30+ hour game on your console. If you don't, then you're out five dollars.
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User Info: OhHeyltsYou

4 years ago#8
All of the Final Fantasy games in the PS store are worth the $5. Besides FFI and II.

I'd get as many as you can now before they jack the price up again.
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User Info: Katon

4 years ago#9
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User Info: realskillz1990

4 years ago#10
I can understand if a game was 20 or 30 bucks but you make this topic about a 5 dollar game if this is a serious topic for you maybe you shouldn't be buying videogames
You release your game and it has disc locked content and day 1 dlc I will just buy your game used.
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