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Gamestop Story

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User Info: DaProphecy84

4 years ago#1
I went to trade in my PS3 and a couple games from it.

Guy says he's gonna sign me up for their power card and I get 10% more, I say sure whatever.

Ask's if I want some magazine sent in the mail or to my e-mail, I tell him I'd rather not get it. He tells me I have to get one of either, that I can just delete it when it comes to my email. So I said just e-mail it to me.

Leave the store, check out my recite and see that this magazine cost me 15 bucks.

How the hell can they just charge me for something that I turned down, but told me I needed to have?

I'm furious.

User Info: DoctorRPG

4 years ago#2
Solution: Never go back to GameStop.
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User Info: Jordan3690

4 years ago#3
The power card is what costs $15, the magazine is just part of the deal.

User Info: Project-Canaan

4 years ago#4
The magazine comes with the power card. So even if you said you didn't want the magazine, you still have to pay $15 for the power card.

User Info: ShadianVise

4 years ago#5
The membership costs $15. Are you sure you weren't charged for that? Either way, you could just return to the store and demand a refund or a cancellation of membership. Retail employees/managers usually cave to pushy customers. I've had experience working in retail, and the managers always told me to make exceptions on rules or policies when a customer complained.
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User Info: Jordan3690

4 years ago#6
Did you think they just offer everyone 10% more for free? Why would they even have to ask people?

User Info: FoxtrotDelta88

4 years ago#7
There's this little trick you could have done to not get the $15 taken away. It's a trick known as....asking them questions. Don't tell anybody this trick since it's a secret
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User Info: DaProphecy84

4 years ago#8
He told me the card was free, never once said its going to cost me 15 dollars.

Exactly what question would I ask when he tells me something is free??

User Info: Doomerang

4 years ago#9
If you traded in a system, you more-or-less got that card for free; the card's bonus applies to the transaction you bought the card in, so if you got 150 in store credit (without the card), you'd get an additional 15 bucks from the card, which in turn pays it off. Anything higher than 150 = you actually get more credit than you paid for the card.
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User Info: Echidneys

4 years ago#10
Why not just get the magazine and read it?
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