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Another Gamestop Story

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User Info: Sakurafanboy

4 years ago#21
GameStop is always kind to me and willing to talk about gaming news. The employees actually keep up on it, like the whole Rayman Legends fiascos. DAMNIT GAMESTOP STOP BEING SO COOL TO ME.
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User Info: ss4parrothair

4 years ago#22
My Gamestop story:

Ordered Ni No Kuni wizards edition online. People there knew I ordered it online. They called me and said they had an extra steel case to give me. Cool people.
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User Info: MacBookAir

4 years ago#23
Mattywright77 posted...
Five star thread.

Thank you kind sir.
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User Info: SilentGamerGuy

4 years ago#24
From: MacBookAir | #001
Leave the store, check out my receipt and saw that everything was fine.

How the hell can they just make everything smoothly go along, and not do what everyone online says and push preorders and stuff the hell out of you?

happens to me no matter what Gamestop location I go to... I honestly HATE shopping there.
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