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GameStop hate

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User Info: GohanGuardian

4 years ago#21
I haven't shopped in a GameStop in years. I'm fortunate to have several independent shops around that sell new and used games from all generation. I've had so many bad experiences with GameStop I refuse to shop there.

Like many, I live in an area where I can get to 5 different GameStop's within 5 miles. All in my area seem to have the same horrible attitude. I remember being in line to purchase a game in hand. I had to wait as the cashier took 3 calls while I was standing at the register. Being in retail myself at one point, I know to take care of the customer in the store first. Normally you’d answer the phone and say “Please hold”. No this associate decided to go in the back for each one to check if they had something. Unfortunate thing, I couldn’t leave because he had my credit card at that point.

At a separate GameStop, I was looking for a dance pad… Was a birthday gift for my girlfriend at the time. The box was a red and black GameStop box. It had no description on it what so ever as to what consoles it supports. I tried to get the attention of an employee but was ignored. They were busy at the time so I decided to cut them some slack. I did finally have someone say they’d be with me in a second.

What put me over the edge however was when someone else came in, they took this person right away. So I took matters into my own hands. I saw a box that had already been open. I’m guessing it was a return. So I decided to open the flap to take a look. Immediately I was approached by a GameStop employee asking why I am opening the box and grabbed it out of my hand.

I explained I was look to see what consoles it supports. The employee then said “Well before you start opening the box, come see one of us.” He then turns around walked away back to the register with box in hand and said to another associate “Can you believe this guy?”. I went off… Probably said some things I shouldn’t have with small children around in the store.

When I left the store, I noticed that mall security was following me around… I don’t deserve to be treated like this. So those are my reason why I don’t shop at GameStop. Now I know others probably have completely different experiences and are positive, but these were my experiences.
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