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Sony has started releasing 'Evolution of Playstation' videos...

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User Info: sinncross

4 years ago#11
XplodnPnguins92 posted...
From: Junpei_Stupei | #004
PS3's video will look like a devolution from PS1 and PS2.

There's nothing to brag about in terms of sales. Probably hardware milestones, yes; But definitely not sales.


70+ million is nothing to brag about. i can sell that much of anything with my eyes closed.

well they are the only hardware provider to have all their hardware hit the 70 million mark.. so
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User Info: faris_ruhi

4 years ago#12
Yeah, when talking about sales (if the do), they'll most likely approach it with that angle, "the third Playstation console to sell more than 70 million units" rather than talk about the console's standalone sales.
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User Info: DefYouth

4 years ago#13
all leading up to the big surprise Gaikai announcement. j/k
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User Info: kupo1705

4 years ago#14
I'm looking forward to the Vita video.

User Info: Atomos199

4 years ago#15
I love PS, but honestly, the quality of these videos is rather lacking, IMO. The first one was alright, but this PS2 one is pretty lame. Was expecting much more given the PS2's legacy...
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  3. Sony has started releasing 'Evolution of Playstation' videos...

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