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Any lesser known PS3 gems?

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User Info: crazyman32

4 years ago#11
1319_13055 posted...
Eternal_Strike posted...
El shaddai
Majin and the forsaken kingdom
eternal sonata

El shaddai isn't a ps3 exclusive.

TC didn't say exclusives.
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User Info: JonnyZ

4 years ago#12
Pretty much any of the Nippon Ichi/NISA games. They tend to be phenomenal, but don't usually sell a lot of copies.
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User Info: Raeng

4 years ago#13
Alpha Protocol is a pretty niche title you might want to check out; not an exclusive though.
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User Info: shinra35800

4 years ago#14
Afro Samurai
Ape Escape
Battle Fantasia
Beowulf The Game
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
DefJam Icon
Disgaea 3 + 4
Dynasty Warriors 6 + 7
The Fight Lights Out
Genji: Days of the Blade
Ghostbusters: The Video Game
Golden Axe: Beast Rider
Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 1-3
NBA Street Home Court
Spider-Man: Edge of Time
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
Tekken Hybrid
Virtual Fighter 4 + 5
Way of the Samurai 3
White Knight Chronicles 1 + 2
Smackdown vs Raw series
Zone of the Enders: HD Collection

User Info: Grizzle1981

4 years ago#15
Lesser known?

Hmmm ...

Brutal Legend maybe.

Defining "lesser known" is akward. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is definately not lesser known. Neither are a lot of the games mentioned here. Many of them got some pretty big push. I remember seeing Catherine commercials on TV.
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User Info: thetrixter99

4 years ago#16
Vanquish is a good one not a lot of people may know of. The new Sly Cooper and Yakuza series
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User Info: ukokira1

4 years ago#17
Shadow Of The Colossus, ICO, and Vanquish
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User Info: Soul_On_Display

4 years ago#18
Any of the HD remakes, like Okami or the Sly series, or much more. Okami feels like a fully modern game, and it does a lot of things better, too.
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