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Most traumatic experience from a game?

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User Info: metal_madness

4 years ago#1
That barrel, in Sonic 3's casino zone, would have to be mine.

What's yours?

Also, is there a way to change my username?

User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#2
Those damn vines in Uncharted 1. I honest to goodness had the disc in my hand at one stage and was seriously considering snapping it in half.
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User Info: Brocken_Jr

4 years ago#3
playing operation raccoon city, i forget how talk type and how typing numbers to letters also
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#4
Prey (demo)

When that little girl brutally murders that young boy and explodes afterwards. It gave me a sick feeling in my gut and I never wanted to play the full game after that.
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In SA2, it's Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.

User Info: Wario_man

4 years ago#5
When I was about six years old or somewhere around there, I had no exposure to horror films and had trouble watching E.T. because how sensitive I was to creepy looking things. So I was playing Ocarina of Time, minding my own affair, enjoying the pretty colours when I go into the grave...and see those ****ing Redeads. Had to turn the game off and didn't play it for a while after that.
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User Info: LeatherFace29

4 years ago#6
The lava stage in Aladdin on the SNES scared the hell outta me. I was 3 at the time.
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User Info: AmyUnleashed

4 years ago#7
More or less the entirety of Sonic 06 it was all horrible.

TC i remember back when I had no clue about how to use that barrel in Sonic 3, that was a pain i remember my first time playing it, It took some time but I finally got past somehow but I had 9 mins on my time and did not reach a checkpoint in time so I had to do it all over again...

User Info: jammies

4 years ago#8
I can't think of one, so I'll share one from a movie. Loved the movie, hated this scene:
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User Info: DSKEmmanuel

4 years ago#9
x-men for the sega genesis. That mojo stage where the world is ending and the timer is ticking down. Then the game breaks the fourth wall and tells me to reset the system. O___o Back in those days, there were no save files and that was near the end of the game so I was a little hesitant to reset the system only to be wrong and start all over. It was stressful.
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User Info: Knightingale-94

4 years ago#10
Dead Space 2's eye-piercing mini game.
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