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Most traumatic experience from a game?

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User Info: Vorzal

4 years ago#41
I'm not sure
When I was 5 I accidentally watched most of IT on TV and I don't think they censored things back then.

Now I'm terrified of clowns
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User Info: Rickhunter001

4 years ago#42
S1lver_Bull3t posted...
Spec Ops The Line. All of it.

Seconded, but especially the segment immediately following the willie pete scenario.
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User Info: Albert1285

4 years ago#43
Silent Hill 1.

I was a 5th grader, and dad decided to buy Silent Hill because he was told that the game was similar to Resident Evil games, and well we both liked Resident Evil so much. It was the only game M game I could play. Anyway, when he started to play it , I got really scared. The game was really scary for. Even today I'm 21 I find it so freaking scary. I didn't dare to play it until I was 14 in 2006. The game had such great horror elements, y'know psychological horror elements such a great scary soundtrack, environment, sound effects. I had problems when go to sleep at the age of 9 or 10. But yeah, I only liked to watch my dad playing it cause it was like watching a very good well made horror movie.

User Info: Cinerary

4 years ago#44
Definitely Doom. At age 10, The worst I remember was map 27 in Doom 2, Monster Condo. There's a certain room there that's got mangled corpses hanging from the ceiling, others are impaled from spikes coming out of the floor, and others crucified on the walls. Plus I think there were severed heads strewn about, and the usual pentagrams with the final boss's visage in middle. I was afraid to even move.

For more modern stuff, the Condemned games were pretty bad for me.
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