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When exactly did capcom become crapcom?

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User Info: urtv

4 years ago#31
when they started to cater to western gamers

User Info: SigmaHaciel

4 years ago#32
Soliquidus posted...
All of those choices, and you don't even have the absolute main reason as an option TC

Capcom started to suck pretty much after their most talented Devs left. Mikami, Kamiya and Inaba, along with the rest of Clover Studios. I would think that Inafune leaving them a couple years ago would also add to this, albeit not as much as Mikami and Kamiya leaving. Arguably the 2 most talented Devs to ever work at Capcom. If not THE 2 most talented, then they are definitely of the Top 10, or Top 5 even. Inaba was also a huge huge asset for them

To lose talent on this level is devastating to any company. If you truly look at Capcom, you will see that their games started to be of a much lower quality when these guys left.

There is still some talent left at Capcom. Itsuno is there, and I believe Takeuchi is still there. They aren't on the level of Mikami and Kamiya in any manner, but they have the potential to make great games. Oh, Ono and Niitsuma are also talented in my opinion, but they pretty much just work on Fighting Games. These guys are about as important as anyone at Capcom right now. If the company were to lose these guys, consider them doomed. These are the individuals keeping Capcom afloat right now. Capcom better treat them right, or else they will most certainly sink


Capcom burnt every bridge that actually MADE people take notice of Capcom. They don't know how to be a game development group. They don't even know how to honor their fans anymore.

Sinfullyvannila posted...
I would say after MM10 got released, it was ALL downhill after that.

As a sidebar, BOF fans don't deserve a sequel for hating the best game in the series.

Please get over yourself. You are one of the 5 people who actually liked the worst game in the Breath of Fire series.

User Info: tigerex777

4 years ago#33
From: urtv | #031
when they started to cater to western gamers

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User Info: qwertyMrJINX

4 years ago#34
Monster Hunter 2, I'd reckon, and how we never got it.
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User Info: DSKEmmanuel

4 years ago#35
qwertyMrJINX posted...
Monster Hunter 2, I'd reckon, and how we never got it.

completely forgot about monster hunter. but that's pretty bad, so many reasons.
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