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How many PS3 games do you own?

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User Info: bigdeez

4 years ago#1
I currently own 74 including tomorrows release of Metal Gear Rising: Revengance.

53 of them I have beaten so far.
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User Info: Raptor715

4 years ago#2
right now I own about 12, altogether bought since 2006 I'd say 35 or so.
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User Info: Rabillion

4 years ago#3
My current collection is at 13. If I didn't trade in several of my games I'd probably be somewhere between 20-30.

User Info: ThePuddingMan

4 years ago#4
About 50 disc games and another 150+ digital, not including the ton of games I get from PS+ of course.

User Info: HoosierGuy88

4 years ago#5
I own about 15. I only buy what I consider to be excellent. Anything else just gets a rental.

User Info: IBringIt

4 years ago#6
150+ on disc. Probably about 30 or so from the PS store.
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User Info: artian2k1

4 years ago#7
120+ on disc and about 40+ from the psn store.
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User Info: nihilist212

4 years ago#8
I think about....6 or so. I always trade games in once I'm finished with them.
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User Info: CronoGuyver

4 years ago#9
Over 500 discs (all premium editions for which I paid no more then 39.99 at bestbuy), 20 dlc games (all free, not ps+ free).
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User Info: BurgerTime79

4 years ago#10
173 (Metal Gear Rising is coming in the mail tomorrow).
I don't count digital games. Only the games in my physical collection.
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