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17 year old gamers, are you bored of gaming?

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User Info: Bissomoneybags

4 years ago#1
Please answer honestly and explain. - Results (73 votes)
24.66% (18 votes)
75.34% (55 votes)
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I feel like I'm the only one bored with gaming in my group of friends, from 1st person shooters to RPG's (even the classics), and I was wondering if it's just me, or are other teens bored with gaming as well. Thanks guys.

User Info: Eternal_Strike

4 years ago#2
It helps to take a long break and focus on other things in your life

User Info: RyuuHou25

4 years ago#3
17 year olds get bored of things these days?
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User Info: FiendingHard

4 years ago#4
You were what, 10 when this gen started? There's a world of video games out there you still haven't experienced.
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User Info: STN79

4 years ago#5
I'm not bored with them and i'm 33. Maybe gaming just isn't your thing.

User Info: Thor61

4 years ago#6
When I was 17 I stopped gaming for a few years or so. But then I got a PS3 and I discovered all the old PS2 classics I missed out on, all the old PC games I missed out on and then I got a DS and played a bunch of those games. Now it's 7 years later and I'm not bored at all of gaming.

User Info: Godstriker8

4 years ago#7
No, but I find my friends only play games that bore me like LoL and WoW.
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User Info: Solshot2k

4 years ago#8
I'm 21 and haven't gotten bored yet. Been gaming since I was 6.
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User Info: PokeLord473

4 years ago#9
17? Kids these days.
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User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#10
Solshot2k posted...
Been gaming since I was 6.

Why? Because **** you is why.
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