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Anyone have experience with YLOD stuff - replacing it and recovering data?

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User Info: ThePowerOfHeart

4 years ago#1
My old PS3 got the YLOD this morning. Kind of a bummer, but it's like 5 years old so I guess it had a good run. I don't really feel confident enough in my abilities to try and fix it myself, and the $150~ to get it serviced by Sony isn't too bad, but I was hoping to get some answers to some things before pulling the trigger on it.

1. I currently have the 80 MGS4 fat PS3. I like the backwards compatibility and have never had a problem before now, and the 80gb has been enough space besides having to delete some larger game installs occasionally. The replacement they're offering is a refurbished 160gb slim. Are the refurbished ones essentially like-new? Or, if I just wanted to get mine fixed (or, in lieu of that, get a replacement with the same model), is there a greater chance of having it bork on me again? I've heard that the YLOD and the RROD for 360's are basically more trouble than it's worth to fix and they almost always just send replacements, but I couldn't find any info about what condition they're in. If the 160gb slim is gonna last longer, I don't mind giving up the BC and other stuff from the 80gb fat model I have now.

2. I've had PS+ for about six months now so most of my save files for games I've been playing recently are synced to the PS+ cloud storage. There are still a number of save files for other games that I'd like to recover if possible, though, so I was hoping to try and do a full backup. At the moment I can't even get to the start-up message, but I've read about some temporary fixes that might breath enough life into the ol' girl to give me time to transfer everything. Has anyone actually tried to do something like this? I've read about stuff like blowing a hair dryer into the vents while it's turned upside down and the like, but the success rates seem to vary. If one method seems to work better than the rest I'd start there to give myself the best shot at success.

Really appreciate any help or advice. Thanks. =)
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User Info: nogaems

4 years ago#2
I don't know too much about this.
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  3. Anyone have experience with YLOD stuff - replacing it and recovering data?

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