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Sign If You Got The Free $10 PSN Credit & What Did You Buy With It

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User Info: superbowl54

4 years ago#61
I got the free money, but didn't buy anything with it. It actually replenished the $10 that I spent over the weekend on VC2, so there's that.
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User Info: lightingemporow

4 years ago#62
i am going to wait for the next weekend deal since there is nothing i want right now

User Info: TheRockSez611

4 years ago#63

Finally picked up the Torque DLC for Borderlands 2. Now I just gotta get Hammerlock's Big Hunt, and I'm good to go. Thanks, Sony!!!

User Info: HolyMcmoly

4 years ago#64
I got $10 on 100 different accounts. Bought everything.

User Info: zxelman

4 years ago#65

Saving for Vita game. Went up to $30 in credit because of this. Hope to get more from referrals.
You don't want to be famous for your trophies. Hakoom is an example of this.

User Info: DEMONPANDA212

4 years ago#66
Bought nothing in a year or so, Closure was the last thing I bought because it was the last American PSN exclusive (In the U.K, flattened an easy £500 on the U.K PSN, but that means my $$$ last ages).

So this $10 knocks me up to $14.52 which will be saved until another American exclusive hits.

User Info: godslayer61

4 years ago#67
yup and i got that motor bike game for the vita,plus members pay $7.99
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User Info: ragnarok_weapon

4 years ago#68
I thought it was spam mail at first, but I got it ^_^
PSN - Ragnarok_weapon

User Info: Zorah19

4 years ago#69
I got the Tyranny of Washington dlc, Infamy I believe it is called.

User Info: huyi

4 years ago#70
so you check your email for a voucher? or is it credited to your account automatically?
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