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Call me a baby..

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User Info: piazzapimper313

4 years ago#1
but if ps4 doesnt have free online, i dont think id be interested in picking it up the first year its out.

If psn is 50 a year or 60 a year like live, no thanks, im paying 500 for your new console and now like 300 over a total of 5 or six years? along with games? no thanks.

In that case id just say screw it, and go for a nice pc.

This is all based on a rumour from kotaku i think? Either way, free online is a huge draw..

User Info: nairby

4 years ago#2
i respect your opinion, baby. wanna makeout?
nairby likes this post.

User Info: LazyBro

4 years ago#3
Hey there baby, awww **** got ninja'd.
Clearing my backlog: XCOM, Warriors Orochi 3, Resonance of Fate
(message deleted)
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