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How much longer will you keep your PS3 & collection?

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User Info: Willie_Makeit

4 years ago#21
Other. I will continue to enjoy it as my primary console until I get the YLOD. When that happens I'll get something else that isn't a PS4.

User Info: Mr_Hakubi

4 years ago#22
I'll continue playing in both gens until eventually I'd go with the last option.

User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
4 years ago#23
i will keep them for as long as i can
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Campbell:Right.You're the control,and if that fails,I'm the damage

User Info: Atalalama

4 years ago#24
My NES is hooked-up & in use. You tell me.

User Info: Rick_Fury_sXe

4 years ago#25
Those are unfair options, I own other old systems and routinely play them still to this day. I don't see myself ever selling my PS3
PSN: Rickurysxe
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User Info: Mattywright77

4 years ago#26
Untill im sick of it.
Now playing:Resident Evil 1&5, Bayonetta, MGS2HD Missions, Uncharted.

User Info: silly_sausage

4 years ago#27
Until I die, or get robbed, or have a housefire, or some other shenanigans.
John Lennon, 1940 - (Infinite Symbol)
PSN: naathaann

User Info: Creator_Izanagi

4 years ago#28
Until my life comes to an end but that won't be for another few decades, I hope.. Support CoH 2 Physical release.

User Info: TheRavenKC

4 years ago#29
The only way I would sell my games is if I really need the money to pay my bills. Play Like A Raven
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