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Why do people hate on FFXIII but love FFX when...

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User Info: Kou-Nurasaka

4 years ago#121
ValedictorianXD posted...
SSj7CloudS posted...
mmpepsi posted...
Thamauturge posted...
They are both horrid. X at least has fun combat, but that is it. The only other good things to come out of it were Jecht and Auron.

Auron is one of the most generic characters ever.

Guy with a sword who barely talks? Sooooo original.

It's very obvious you didn't play the game at all or just plain get it if you think this. Nobody is surprised.

Okay, let's not act like Auron was actually a great character. His gimmick has been done countless times before to a much better degree.

What does Auron bring to the table? All he really does is act as a harbinger and eventually provide clues to his fate as well as Tidus'. He's a plot device, essentially. The only time you see an actual character surface is during his pre-death/Braska's guardian sphere videos where we see a very protective and serious Auron to contrast with Jecht's devil-may-care attitude. All of that amounts to what? 10-20 minutes in a 50+ hour video game? That does not make for good character development and you know it.

Really though, Auron goes through a great trasition between a young and somewhat naive person (much like Tidus) to the seasoned war veteren he is now. Also, he doesn't like how people view him as a legendary Guardian, as he ultimatly sees how useless defeating Sin is. Plus, he's essentially been dead for 10+ years. Its safe to say all of that would make a few people more reserved. He also happens to the father figure for all of the younger characters, and since he's been down the road before, they all look up to him. He ultimatly wants Yuna to make her own decisions. That's why he is so against the Al Bhed holding her captive; he doesn't want her to complete her pilgramage and die, but he also wants her to make that choice for herself, not be coerced or forced into choosing another path.

In my opinion, he has a good deal of character development. It just goes on in the subtext of the game.

User Info: fueled-system

4 years ago#122
I liked the characters, the world and the story.

Sorry not all of us are like you.

User Info: Akane1412

4 years ago#123
As a girl I say...

I can't stand the idea of a final fantasy with a girl looking as stuck up as that one from xiii does. So points for Tidus. He is an idiot but at least he's sort of cute in my opinion.
Auron. He makes everything in that game better.
Battle system. I like my battles to be slow and give me time to do whatever in between attacks.
Music. I love Zanarkand theme.
Yuna could burn in hell though.

Plus, Dark Aeons! Most fun stuff I've seen in a game for a long time! it was even more fun to grind for them than it was to play the card game on IX
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User Info: EternalDivide

4 years ago#124
I remember I had my share of problems with X. I thought it was far inferior to what had come before.

But it was worlds better than anything in the series that came after.

User Info: EvilTrash

4 years ago#125
I haven't liked a final fantasy game since IX.

IX was brilliant. X was crap and they've all been crappier ever since.

User Info: Cecil255

4 years ago#126
TC asks a very good question.

When I played through FFX for the first time a couple of years ago I was shocked by how linear it was. I had no idea. I have very little interest in playing through FF XIII because the series is starting to become dead to me but I wouldn't be surprised if I enjoyed it more than FF X. (it still wouldn't be saying much)

FFX had a very shallow story compared to previous FF's and I think the only reason people liked it so much was that it was either their first FF or they liked how good it looked for the time.

User Info: A1RollerRager

4 years ago#127
Despite some people's comments saying X was bad, I actually enjoyed it. We had more freedom to roam in X. We could explore, visit towns, actual shops, monster arena, chocobos, etc. In 13 we lost all that. It was basically walking down hallways the entire time. I felt I had no freedom in that game for the few chapters I played. The story made no sense at all and the characters were annoying and uninteresting. In my opinion, FFX was the last Final Fantasy game that is actually worth playing.

User Info: Spideyknight

4 years ago#128
7 was good, it's no 6, but you kids might not remember the better FF's. Out of the ps1 one era I prefer 8, but all three are really good.

X has XIII beat on every level save graphical fidelity and while FFXIII looks gorgeous that just can't save it. Horrible character development, characters, story mismanaged and convoluted, it's overblown big budget tripe. It's a decent game, it's a travesty as a FF.
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User Info: takethathusker

4 years ago#129
X was okay. It's probably the weakest of the first batch of games in the series (to me at least), but I can still get it out and play it once every couple years or so. The characters are pretty bad, but the combats system is a lot of fun and the environs look nice. And beyond the characters themselves, the story is pretty interesting. To me, it's the last game in the series that really feels like a Final Fantasy game; XII should've just been a standalone with Matsuno at the helm, and XIII should've been the start of a new series, since that's what they're doing with it anyway, with all the spinoff games. X would've been a tolerable end to a great series.

User Info: RedWarlord

4 years ago#130
It wasn't JUST the linearity that ruined FF13. I do agree that FF10 was linier, and I REALLY missed the overhead world map, but I still like FF10. Even FF7 didn't have that much exploration until later when you got the bronco.

I remember playing early FF games like 4/5/6, and I used to dread going into caves, because the combat was SO much harder than World Map combat, and if you weren't leveled, you were dead without a save. That was the beauty of a dudgeon. You had to prepare for it.

50% of most final fantasy games are combat. That's okay. That's the formula. FFX had fun combat, switching characters, each being their own class, turn based (something i miss in current RPGs).

However, 90% of FF13 was combat. It was one LONG dudgeon. There was no variation in the game. Even IF the scenery had been beautify, the characters incredible, the story amazing, it didn't matter. Because the GAMEPLAY was the same thing over and over again. You never had time to slow down, explore, get lost, talk to a bum in an alley and find his missing dog for a moonstone that didn't do you any good until 20 hrs later.

STILL, 90% combat might have been okay... IF IF IF, the combat was exciting. IT WASN'T! It was a button mash! Unless I was in a boss fight, I was just doing auto-battle. Auto-battle. Auto-battle. I cannot tell you how many times I handed my controller to my wife who was reading a book and told her to mash X for me while I took a piss, because I knew there was no danger! EVEN IF I DIED, I COULD IMMEDIATELY RETRY! There was NO risk, NO reward, NO challenge, NO fun.
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