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PSN purchases will not carry over to PS4

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User Info: cirkmetroid

4 years ago#71
cirkmetroid posted...
I've had a PS3 since about a week after they launched, and I've popped a PS2 disc into the tray ONE time.

I get it, some old games are fun, I've played Super Metroid a few times in that same amount of time, but seriously....

I remember some of the old Atari systems had BC

Meanwhile, fast forwarding to systems that actually are relevant to the conversation:

Snes didn't have BC
N64 didn't have BC
Gamecube didn't have BC
Wii had BC with Gamecube games, and as far as I know it was flawless
Genesis didn't have BC
Saturn didn't have BC
DC didn't have BC (although it's funny to mention the illegal discs you could make that played nes/snes games)
Wii U has BC with Wii games I think....

PS2 to my knowledge, is the first relevant console that had BC that actually mattered
360 then had some BC but seriously it was wonky as all get out, and anyone that says 360's are BC with a straight face is a moron

Launch PS3's had BC, and did it very well, most games worked quite well, although there are quite a few that didn't...thankfully the games that were actually worth playing worked, I can't think of any examples of a noteworthy game not working

Then PS2 BC was taken away for reasons which have been beaten into the ground, and for some, sure it was disappointing...but seriously...PS2's are freaking cheap.

Seriously though, the only reason who use BC, and complain about BC, are using BC because certain genres of games just have been getting ignored...look at the quality of traditional RPG's that were on PS1, and then compare them to the same style of game on PS3....

*THAT* is the only thing that matters, but for crying out loud, a PS2 can be had for about $20 nowadays...blah blah blah it will eventually break, so great, buy another PS2, and if you're so obsessing about 15 year old games...

WHAT ARE YOU DOING COMPLAINING ABOUT A NEW CONSOLES INABILITY TO PLAY THEM, $20 to play the old games compared to a new system that is probably going to be $400 AT LEAST?

Consoles are *NOT* computers, the way they are designed is very very specific, this makes BC the EXCEPTION, and not the norm!

PSN: Cirkustanz
.....still really hoping there will be more Legacy of Kain games...somehow!

User Info: Gamer4ever77

4 years ago#72
They better have a solution for the games we already have on PSN. I'll be pissed if they shut down the PSN on the PS3 in 2017, and all the games we bought are erased.
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User Info: Rabillion

4 years ago#73
If we were allowed to back-up our DLC and PSN titles (and maybe even patches like some PC games) onto an external hard drive that would solve the problem. I don't see how that would be an issue considering you're allowed to activate content on two PS3s.

User Info: badnewsliar

4 years ago#74
slymshady posted...
Yes but chances are the psn log in will be the same so those games I bought with it should play. As I read on another board it's like buying a new iPod and everytime you have to rebut your old songs

it should be attached to your psn, and you can just redownload them on the new console. On one hand, they should make it more accessible to play all of your PSN purchses on the new system. On the other hand, if I am buying a PS4 it's for PS4 games. As long as they keep the network and store open to PS3 users I'm happy.

User Info: calhoun1389

4 years ago#75
From: Gamer4ever77 | #072
They better have a solution for the games we already have on PSN. I'll be pissed if they shut down the PSN on the PS3 in 2017, and all the games we bought are erased.

If they announce they are going to discontinue PSN support on PS3, they'll likely give a month's notice. Get a 1TB HDD, install it and download all your purchases to the HDD. You can now keep and play ALL of your digital games after PSN goes down. The only things hindered by PSN going down is online based games and redownloading games. If you have them all, then your only issue is the system dying and not being able to fix it after production ends (which is more likely to happen then PSN going down).
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