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PSN online multiplayer games under 15 bucks?

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User Info: saborzero

4 years ago#1
A friend and I are looking for a new game we can both enjoy on the network. We are kind of limited to under 15 dollars so we want to make sure it's a really good game. Any suggestions on some games we might want to try out?
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User Info: nihilist212

4 years ago#2
Between the both of you, you only have $15? Christ.
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User Info: Ghetto_ninja

4 years ago#3
Dungeon Hunter Alliance
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User Info: SaQu1B

4 years ago#4
Don't spent $15 on PSN... did you not hear.. Ps4 is not Backwards Compatible.

User Info: true_gamer80

4 years ago#5
nihilist212 posted...
Between the both of you, you only have $15? Christ.

whats the point of this post, have so many become so negative here ppl simply cant ask legit questions without ppl ******** on them.....come on GF....
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User Info: ChubbierTube

4 years ago#6
If you don't have it already, Burnout Paradise is only $14.99 on the store.

The best arcade racer this gen imho.
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User Info: calhoun1389

4 years ago#7
SOCOM Confrontation can be purchased used from Gamestop for $3 a piece.

EDIT: Didn't see that you wanted a game off PSN, but still. For $3 a piece, you can both get a physical copy and save over $9.
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User Info: Mega Wolf

Mega Wolf
4 years ago#8
Killzone 3 multiplayer.
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User Info: Ryphis_Demeanor

4 years ago#9
Scott Pilgrim vs The World, best online co-op game (offline too)

Castlevania Harmony of Despair (my favorite game but the offline co-op camera is wonkers)

Hard Corps Uprising (Contra X10 the game is difficult and the graphics are great)

User Info: Gryffindor1

4 years ago#10
CSGO is obviously the best.
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