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anyone Platinum Yakuza 3? It's my next title

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User Info: PrettyBoyMarth

4 years ago#1
how difficult was it?
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User Info: Thor61

4 years ago#2
I don't know I got bored and quit on my second playthrough.

User Info: MetalGear911

4 years ago#3
The actual game itself isn't as hard to beat on the various difficulty settings, but the mini games can be a pain to complete though - especially the golfing and baseball ones.

User Info: archizzy

4 years ago#4
Not bad. A little time consuming but overall was enjoyable.

Most people complain the most about the mini game trophy but outside the batting cages on the hardest level I found most of them to be pretty easy and enjoyable (pool, golf, and darts)

Great game.
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User Info: PrettyBoyMarth

4 years ago#5
minigames are most of the time a pain in like all games lol
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User Info: OtakuGamera

4 years ago#6
easy as pie
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User Info: PrettyBoyMarth

4 years ago#7
Wow, this game is crazy story heavy and taking a while to get started, I think I'm like 2 hours in and still doing tutorials too. I started on Hard so It's pretty challenging. Great game though, but I remember the game being a A LOT more flashier and they were more moves when I played the Japanese demo years ago. Not sure if the game was toned down for NA or not.
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User Info: mk_spirit

4 years ago#8
Only the minigames suck. Personally, I would beat 3, beat and plat 4, and then go back and plat 3.

You'll get a better idea of what you're doing on some things, and 4 is a lot easier
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User Info: Lord_TenseEye

4 years ago#9
I have it at about 60%. I've done all the ultimate battle challenges (forget what they're called exactly as It's been quite a while since I played it). It was tough. The minigames are just silly and would take too long for me to complete so I ignored them.

I do like the minigames though (golf, baseball, bowling, pool). I just don't want to try and get super great scores on all of them.

User Info: ThePatrick

4 years ago#10
It's hard--only because of the massive amount of side materials. The game itself is actually quite easy.

Your biggest enemy will be the mini-games. These are things like pool, darts, bowling, and gambling.

The U.S. version should be considerably easier to Platinum than the Japanese version as there is less stuff, and because the arcade trivia game is gone. That took me FOREVER to do in the Japanese version because, not having grown up in Japan, I was unfamiliar with things like their diet (congress), laws, what year certain things happened, what bands were famous in the '70s, which manga was not by a certain author, who appeared on some morning variety show, etc.--and you have to have the answers ready on the fly (there was no way to stop the timer so you couldn't google things).

I mean, that just took forever and a day!

So I think it's not really HARD, it's just time-consuming.
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