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took the effort to contact sony about $10 voucher

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User Info: methosagain

4 years ago#91
I got $30 in credit, my main account got one as well as my two subaccounts that I do not even use
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User Info: ipwnu713

4 years ago#92
Have only been on my PS3 to play FFXIII and the Metal Gear Rising demo lately and I still got it. Haven't been to the PC store either.
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User Info: PhoenixPrince

4 years ago#93
Why can it not be as simple as they just did it in a RNG fashion? I guarantee you they didn't multiply the number of your trophies by your number of friends, divide it by your gametime hours, and if it's within .465234234 of pi you get it.
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User Info: dankanefan

4 years ago#94
I didn't get it though I am a loyal PS customer and have PS Plus, etc. but I'm thinking because I got a $10 credit for something else recently, that's why I didn't get it. (My Gaming Blog)
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User Info: itsMsWinters

4 years ago#95
kloud 11 posted...
really? it's $10. Get a job

1443 karma....

get a life

User Info: Furio

4 years ago#96
maybe you had to have your credit card info stolen... kidding, I've been on PS+ for a couple years and haven't spend any other money in the store, I've played a dozen or so games and I didn't get it. I would be curious to see if anyone finds out what the criteria were. Maybe a certain number of 1st party games played or something like that.

User Info: Jahkeemyork

4 years ago#97
Anyone check the PC PSN store that didn't get it?

User Info: Brocken_Jr

4 years ago#98
Jahkeemyork posted...
Anyone check the PC PSN store that didn't get it?

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User Info: Aceviper

4 years ago#99
everyone saying its $10 get over it

feel free to send me $10

I mean, its only $10

you will get over it right?

if you won't do this

shut up
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User Info: _alcheim

4 years ago#100
I've never checked the pc psn store but i got the $10.

- never had ps+ except during that hacking incident where they gave a free month of it.
- never had any platinum trophies
- had more than 10 psn friends
- hadn't logged in to psn for 2 months prior to the $10 giveaway
- hadn't turned on my ps3 for 2 weeks prior to the $10 giveaway
- never registered my devices on the sony websites
- had my ps3 since 2008
- had a vita and psp under the same account
- didnt buy any of the 13 / 13
- has multiple user accounts for different regions on my ps3
- my ps3 is a jp ps3 and the main account is a us account
- i had linked my facebook and steam accounts to my ps3
- bought at least one of each type of game media on the psn store. (psone, psp, ps mobile, ps2, neo geo station, turbographx, psn exclusive, ps3, avatar, wallpaper, theme, soundtrack, and video)
- no netflix or folding@home
- had ps home at one time but has been deleted for quite awhile now

...i suspect that sony knows that i prefer their systems more --i have an xbox360 and wii u in the same area as my ps3, but they hardly get used as much as my ps3.
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