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why have gamers become so bitter?

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User Info: blackhrt

4 years ago#131
jrr18 posted...
Willie_Makeit posted...
The internet happened since the 16 bit era.

But it only got big in the last ten years. APPLE PIE IS DELICIOUS!

^This. facebook, linkedin, myspace & reddit & ease of blog creation weren't around then. plus, not everyone was picking up PC's and high speed internet back then either. It was dialup. 56K modem baby!
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4 years ago#132
RollingCradle posted...
You were just too young to remember all the heated SNES vs Genesis debates, son.

I was around for the SNES/Genesis rivalry and.....

Nobody cared about sales ( That didn't start until this gen)
Nobody cared enough to rage about em to the point of bashing each others games (Sonic and Mario was the extent of it back then)

It REALLY wasn't that serious back then...But at the same time I was in 1st-4th grade back then. I just wanted to play my Uncle's Genesis cause all the grown ups played it.

Nowadays I hearing about crap that has absolutely NO bearing as to how much I'm going to enjoy the game. Back then gamers wasn't told to play this and that and had to try many different games.

Sometimes you came across gems ( Super Ninja Bros) other times crap ( Rise of the Robots). But it was a great thing about being a gamer with less info. More discovery.

User Info: Battleship_Gray

4 years ago#133
The Internet is a breeding ground for rampant douchebaggery.
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User Info: Lvthn

4 years ago#134
If you don't remember bitter console wars you didn't grow up in the 16 bit era. Today's companies have NOTHING on Gen vs SNES.

User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#135
RollingCradle posted...
You were just too young to remember all the heated SNES vs Genesis debates, son.

Or spectrum versus c64
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User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#136
It's always been like this. Nothing really changed. You were just young and weren't exposed to all the hating, trolling, and whatnot at the time.

User Info: hiplock

4 years ago#137
I remember that Genesis/Nintendo rivalry. Loved my Genesis. People looked at it a more practical way back then. They didn't care about sales, they cared about how many games each system had. The bigger library of games was generally the more successful system. Can't remember which magazine had it, but one of them listed a total of how many games were out for each system in the US. I think it might have been EGM or Gamepro.

User Info: Revenanced

4 years ago#138
Gamers are spoiled and have come to expect perfection, this is especially true with series. If graphics arent perfect you have people cry about how it could be a bit smoother despite the fact that the story or gameplay mechanics are amazing.

I cant help but wonder how much fault lies with the publishers themselves.
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User Info: LoveSheep

4 years ago#139
Console cost around 300$ they die like flies. Each dead console represents 5 games I could have bought. I have many dead consoles from this generation.

In the 16 bit era no one talked about RROD or YLOD they talked about the games. I started gaming on an Odyssey^2 home console. The Odyssey^2 had hardwired controllers so you had to replace the whole machine if the controllers went out. you couldn't just buy a new controller.

2nd generation of consoles my Odyssey^2 still works at 30 years of age.

Want to bet on a PS3 or 360 making it that far?
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User Info: MadDewg

4 years ago#140
tmons78 posted...
RollingCradle posted...
You were just too young to remember all the heated SNES vs Genesis debates, son.

SEGA does what Nintendon't!

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