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Predict when you'll buy a PS4! And when you bought a PS3.

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User Info: En_Fuego

4 years ago#111
PS3 - Bought it in November of last year.
PS4 - I can wait 5-6 years.

User Info: Zen_Zarab

4 years ago#112
Sometime in the first year of launch, or Holiday 2014.

I got my Ps3 during Boxing Week 2010.

User Info: adroge01

4 years ago#113
PS1 - almost three years after launch
PS2 - around two years after launch - I missed all the problems with the CD drive
PS3 - probably around a year after launch - got the 80GB fat model with BC
PS3 Slim - a few months ago since my fat model broke with the eventual overheating problem they all get - so I'm in no hurry to buy another console
PS4 - probably more than a year after launch - I will wait and see how much publishers restrict me from using the games I buy (new). If it's none at all, then I will get the PS4. If they lock down my purchases, I won't get one. DD isn't an option for me, so if used games are blocked in some other way by publishers, I also won't get it.

I fully expect that publishers will try to screw over customers in the new gen, so I'm going to wait and see how thins pan out. I think Sony is doing the right thing, but I don't trust publishers at this point.

User Info: SwordDancer710

4 years ago#114
PS3 - 2009, 160GB Slim (upgraded to 500GB HDD), coincided with FF13
PS4 - likely when the first slim version comes out, and/or coinciding with FF15
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User Info: krillin4553

4 years ago#115
January of '12. Mainly due to Tales of Graces f. Got a 20 gb that got the YLOD on me so took it back to Gamestop and they upgraded me to a 60 gb for free. I'll get PS4 a bit earlier on this time around, probably wait a few months though.
XBL/PSN: DocDrazen
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User Info: fsurb28

4 years ago#116
PS3 - Day 1
PS4 - Day 1

people swearing they'll wait but we all know once that itch comes it's off to the stores they go

User Info: MajinKogahazan

4 years ago#117
PS3 in July 2010

PS4......thinking 2016-17 or so, depending on how fast it starts to get good games and whether or not I've gotten any other systems yet.
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User Info: JCourChesNe

4 years ago#118
Bought my Ps3 January 1st, 2008. I'll probably buy a Ps4 Within it's first year once I see that it doesn't have any huge problems.
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User Info: Darkure

4 years ago#119
PS3 - Early 2011

PS4 - When I start to see exclusive releases worth buying. (probably at least a year after launch, if ever)
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User Info: sth26307

4 years ago#120
bought a 500GB super slim yesterday and i plan to get a ps4 2 years after launch
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