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PlayStation Move question

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User Info: Stubbled_PS3

4 years ago#1
I really want to get a PS Move. There are a few games i own that i want to use it with. But should i get one now or wait for the PS4 version if it has an "upgraded" model (sorta how the next Xbox has Kinect 2.0).
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User Info: Doublesouba

4 years ago#2
Well, PS4 isn't BC, so you couldn't play the games on it anyway. So just get one if you want to try it out.
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User Info: WantedOutlaw

4 years ago#3
That thing was the dumbest accessory purchase I've made this gen. I thought "Wow, I already have so many games compatible with it" and they all turned out being worse with the thing. Spent more time calibrating the damn thing with games then actually using it. After 10 minutes of most games I'd end up going back to dualshock 3. Honestly, the only thing it's really good for is on-rails games. I haven't even touched the thing in months.

User Info: kobalobasileus

4 years ago#4
The Move isn't really very good tech. If the game you want to play with the Move is on the Wii or PC, get it for the other platform. The Wiimote is better, as is the Razer Hydra.

User Info: Stubbled_PS3

4 years ago#5
Any other opinions?
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User Info: zemzero

4 years ago#6
I only found it fun to use with rail shooters. Dead space extraction, the shoot, time crisis, house of the dead, etc.

User Info: Devilman_Amon

4 years ago#7

User Info: spacejamjordanz

4 years ago#8
Mmm.. hard to say. If you're not into motion gaming, then it's a hard sell. I used to play it quite a bit back in 2010, but not so much anymore. Now I just use the wheel for LBP Kartintg and NFS: Most wanted, and the sharpshooter for FPS games. It's also very useful for those on rail shooters like Dead Space : Extraction, or Time Crisis... but that's about it.
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