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Move cursor drift

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User Info: CorathTheHung

4 years ago#11
BigTlovesBEER posted...
Yes after reading numerous threads over the years, this is the thign that drives me most nuts about the cursor drift. There's a percentage of people who've never had it. It's not a controller issue because I have 4 move controllers, all purchased at different times, and all have the problem.

But yes, you'd know if you had it. IT also depends on the game. I've never noticed it in either Sports Champions game. But in House of the Dead Overkill and (famously) Time Crisis Razing Storm it's been a major problem.

Re-calibrating does nothing.

Man, that sucks. Did you try pressing the little reset button on the back of the controller? You'll need a pin to do it.

User Info: BigTlovesBEER

4 years ago#12
I just did and re-calibrated. Again, drift continues.
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