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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands worth it or not? Tell me about it.

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User Info: Albert1285

4 years ago#1
I want to know about this game. Is it good or bad?

User Info: all_that_juice

4 years ago#2
I got it for $5 in a sale so it was worth it to me.

User Info: GorillaNinjaJTP

4 years ago#3
I enjoy the pop games... I picked it up at some point and it sat on the shelf. I was sick last month and decided to pop it in... Played straight through and enjoyed it immensely. If you liked the others in the sands if time series, it's def with it (as someone said, it can be had for cheap, so don't over pay).

If it matters, easy plat, too... I missed one collectible, so I'd have to replay sometime to get it, but everything else came naturally... Maybe next time I'm suck i'll get it...

User Info: Manilo_Punish

4 years ago#4
I may be in the minority, but I liked that one the best. The 2008 version was cool, but I had more fun playing forgotten sands.
The Punish.

User Info: xXHPLinkXx

4 years ago#5
I enjoyed it a lot! I wish we'd get another PoP game. Ubisoft has put all their attention on Assassin's Creed. Which isn't bad, cause I love that series, too, but we definitely need a new PoP game.
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User Info: MetroidHunter13

4 years ago#6
i thought it was pretty awesome, and i loved the sands of time trilogy.

if you can get it cheap, get it, worth a play, and sticks pretty close to the sands of time story arc.
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User Info: GoatJugSoup

4 years ago#7
The gameplay was great, the only thing I didn't like was the fact that they plugged it into the ps2 trilogy and said it happens between sands of time and warrior within. I really hate when they make a midquel game that adds nothing relevant to the plot of the games it is between and to be honest I reckon the story could have stood on its own.
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User Info: Zora_Prince

4 years ago#8
The story is absolute garbage, but the gameplay is solid. It starts off two easy, but it gets much better and more challenging as the story goes on. I also prefer the newer combat to Warrior Within's. It is simpler, allows you to take on more enemies, and allows a lot more variety of attacks.
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User Info: spectermaster14

4 years ago#9
I haven't put too much time into it, but what I played felt a bit too bland compared to PoP '08. But then, I'm biased toward PoP '08, so take that as you will.

User Info: Fazeo13

4 years ago#10
Definitely worth it arguably the best platformer this gen I didn't like Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 that much. I wasn't excepting much from POP FS though, Combat was fun but I thought it could have been better the platforming is perfection though, I will say it is the best in the series imho. Story was kinda okay I guess but the gameplay was great.
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